Why Start a Blog? 

Why start a blog? There are many unique reasons why you should start a blog. However, this page highlights 8 common reasons people start a blog.

8 Reasons Why People Start Blogging

1. Subsidize Your Income

You can start a blog to earn extra income. However, the best time to start a blog is before you need the extra income. It can take time to learn the ins and outs of blogging, marketing, and monetizing a blog.

2. Replace Your Income

Starting a blog can result in a complete income replacement. But, do not turn in your resignation yet! Even when you start a successful blog, it can take time to generate the necessary audience. Therefore, you should start a blog well before you intend to use it as your primary source of income.

3. Job Security

Once you establish a blog and monetize it well, in a sense, you have “job” security. However, there are still risks involved. But, you do not have to worry about getting downsized from your job.


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4. Market A Product

If you have a hobby that results in a marketable product, you can start a blog! Starting a blog is simple, but making it successful is not easy. Therefore, we provide a training course to help you learn how to market a physical product.

5. Market a Current Business

If you have a small business, you can start a blog to market your current business! In this way, your business can reach the online market. In addition, starting a blog is an excellent low-cost marketing strategy! You can read: “How to Start a Blog for My Business” for more information.

6. Work from Home!

If working from home appeals to you, starting a blog can help you reach that goal. In fact, if you start a blog with the right monetization strategy, you can work from anywhere in the world. Take time to learn the different directions that you can take your blog.

7. Creative Outlet

Many people enjoy writing! Therefore, starting a blog is a source of relaxation for some individuals. As a result, some start a blog and write for years. In this way, you can slowly build an audience.

8. Build an Audience

One of the most essential elements for a blogger is having an audience! However, it can be difficult to build an audience. Building a large audience takes time. Then too, depending on your industry or topic, it can be even more difficult. Therefore, if you have an online idea, you can start building an audience before you have a product.

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