Why I Started Blogging…

Before getting into why I started blogging, Welcome to Kreatif Solutions! Founder of The Art of Blogging Course. The Art of Blogging Course teaches you how to start a successful blog. Therefore, I do not stop at “how to start a blog”. When you are ready, the courses will teach you how to manage a blog, how to market a blog, how to monetize a blog, and how to create products for your blog. While I do enjoy research and education, this is not why I started blogging.

Why I Started Blogging

Do You Want to Learn How to Make Money Blogging?

If so, I am glad that you found Kreatif Solutions! The “how to start a blog” course teaches blogging for beginners. This is not your average “how to start a blog” website. The Kreatif Solutions “how to start a blog” course is like a small-business start-up guide.

Nevertheless, there is a WordPress QuickStart Guide for those of you that just want to learn how to get a blog started. It is a really easy step by step guide that can have you blogging in minutes.

About Me 

My name is Kim, but my blogging name is Lyn. I started blogging about five years ago after I quit a full-time salaried healthcare management job to attend medical school. Then, once I finished the accelerated pre-med program, I turned down the offer to start medical school. I had had enough of the job scene with all the politics and drama. I knew my life could be better. This is really why I started blogging.

Soon, I started blogging. I started one kind of blog after the other. I started a health blog, a service industry blog, a product company blog, a culture diversity blog, and a website design company. Each blog satisfied my interests in one way or another. However, they still did not give me the freedom that I wanted from learning how to start a successful blog.

There are more in between details about why I started blogging. However, The Art of Blogging Course was developed because of this. I have learned a lot of dos and don’ts of blogging. Therefore, this course forces you to step back and see the big picture of what you want to do with your blog. Blogging has a lot of potentials.

However, successful blogs are a time investment. You can work at your own pace, but you want to avoid wasting time on the wrong things when possible. Nevertheless, I realize that not everyone wants to learn how to make money blogging. That is why the WordPress QuickStart Guide is available to everyone.

After starting a blog, I traveled. I did not plan it this way, but when I finally decided to come home, I had a pretty amazing realization. I had literally taken a trip around the world. This is why I started blogging more.

My Trip Around the World

After living in the Caribbean for a year, I returned home to Texas. However, at the time, I was not comfortable being back home. After living an island life, “home” was a culture shock to me. Plus, there were so many more places that I wanted to see!

So soon, I packed a few large suitcases and moved to Manhattan. I intended to stay longer, but I ended up leaving after about a month. Instead of going back to Texas, I booked a one-way ticket to London, England.

Once I got to London, I felt I could not go home without seeing the Eiffel Tower. Therefore, I flew to Paris, France. I officially had the travel-bug! I did not want to return home.

After Paris, I went to Rome, Italy. Then, I went to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to visit a neighbor that had moved there for her job. Kuala Lumpur was my first visit to an Asian country, so I really did not want to leave Asia without seeing more.

Therefore, I booked a one-way ticket to Phuket, Thailand. I lived there for about a month because my passport only allowed for a 30-day stay. While there, I complete one more course for my business degree.

Finally, I booked a return flight home. The flight departed from Thailand with a layover in China. From China, I reenter the United States via California. Then, I eventually boarded the next flight and landed back in Texas.

If you would like to learn how to start a successful travel blog, please read the “How to Start a Travel Blog eBook” found in the Kreatif Solutions Shop. It is filled with my experience as a traveler and a blogger.

What Does This Have to Do with Learning How to Start a Successful Blog?

Well, I primarily shared this story for you to get to know me. And for you to know why I started blogging. However, it is also to help you realize that learning how to start a successful blog really depends on what YOU want. I like the freedom to go and do whatever I can when I can. Therefore, the course is probably written with a slight bias.

Nevertheless, The Art of Blogging Course is a self-guided blogging class. There are workbook exercises for some of the courses to help you plan your blog correctly from the start. The “How to Manage a Blog eWorkbook” is available in our shop. However, a free printer-friendly version is available within the related blogging course. The course is a business blogging guide. Therefore, you will make your own exciting decisions at each step.

I hope to get to know you better as well. If you have any questions, please email me. – Kim Lyn@KreatifSolutions. com

The Art of Blogging Course

A blogging course is no fun without classmates! Therefore, you can also join The Art of Blogging Community.

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