Where to Write a Blog?

Are you wondering where to write a blog? If so, great question! With so many options on the web, it can be tough to decide where to write a blog. Nevertheless, you are in the right place to find an answer!

However, when you ask, where to write a blog, you are really asking which blogging platform should I use? Your main blog writing options are WordPress.com, Blogger (aka Blogspot), Squarespace, Weebly, Wix, or Tumblr.

After you learn how to write a blog, you will understand why some blog writing platforms are better than others. Nevertheless, this blog post will help you decide where to write a blog post. In this way, you can start a successful blog.

 As mentioned, the places used to write a blog are not all the same. However, instead of stating all the pros and cons of each blog writing option, I will just tell you that WordPress is currently the best blog writing platform. This is where to write a blog for many reasons.

Why WordPress?

1. Start For Free

Like many of the other blogging platforms, you can write a blog for free at WordPress.com. However, you will have a subdomain and advertisements on your blog. Therefore, when you purchase your own domain name, you can remove the advertisements because the platform is no longer free of charge. Nevertheless, you are still ahead of the blogging “game” at WordPress.com because you are part of a blogging community.

2. Community

The WordPress Community is a network of bloggers. In this way, you can help get each other noticed on the web faster than using a private host company.  Hosting companies sometimes cost less, but they do not have a blog community.

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3. Ease of Use

If you are looking for ease of use, WordPress.com is where to write a blog! You can launch the blog in 4 really easy steps and then immediately write a blog to publish online. It really is that simple. Once you are brave enough, you can venture into the “dashboard” section. This is how the backend of your platform will look when you use a different host.

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4. Plug-Ins

The WordPress Platform use plugins. There is a plugin for just about anything you may need or want to add to your blog. You can add a recipe plugin, a membership plug-in, an e-commerce plugin, and an all-in-one plugin. In this way, when you write a blog, you can customize it.

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5. Versatility

When you write a blog on WordPress, the flexibility of using the platform goes beyond the awesome plugins! You can easily install the WordPress platform on HostGator, GoDaddy, and BlueHost. In fact, you can even self-host the WordPress platform on your own computer. It is not the easiest method for beginners, but WordPress.org will allow you to do this. Another more professional blog option is StudioPress.

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6. SEO Friendly

And last but not least, when looking for where to write a blog, you want an SEO friendly platform. The WordPress platform is SEO friendly. This is not true for some of the other blogging platforms mentioned.

However, if you intend to start writing professionally, you should write a blog on StudioPress. StudioPress use the WordPress platform in a Genesis framework. Therefore, the theme designs are lightweight and flexible.

This is the end of where to write a blog, please leave your thoughts below.

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