Where to Start a Blog?

Start a simple WordPress blog. Starting as low as $25 per month. It is easy to get started! No contract required. Plus, you can have the best of both worlds. Let me explain.

Kreatif Solutions is a WordPress hosting and design company. Therefore, you can hire us to setup the WordPress blog for you. Then, once we get your blog platform launched, you can take over the rest. However, we offer a variety of blog startup options and  host plan options. Both give the unique flexibility that you want and need.


Start a Blog – Options

Blog Platform Launch
+ Monthly Hosting Fee ($25)
Blog Platform Launch
+ Monthly Hosting Fee ($25)
URL Transfer
Blog Platform Launch
+ Monthly Hosting Fee ($25)
FREE URL Transfer
Privacy Policy
Google Registration
Email Marketing Setup

Terms of Service

+ The monthly hosting fee is NOT included with the blog startup cost. We offer 5 different monthly hosting plans. Our economy hosting plan is $25 per month. Read this post to learn a Budget Blog Strategy. Start with strategy #3 but strategy #2 is my favorite.

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Unique Hosting Options (#4 is my favorite.)

1. Economy Hosting

Our economy blog hosting plan is the most economical. It is best for those who are on a fixed income or can edit, post, and maintain it themselves. However, even though you are on an economy plan, it does not mean that we leave you hanging. When you host your WordPress blog with us, we stay on standby to help if you get stuck. Depending on what you need, you have a couple of options. You can either upgrade to one of our design hosting plans or hire us at an hourly rate.

2. Basic Hosting

The basic blog hosting plan includes back-end maintenance. Therefore, with this plan we take care of plug-in updates, security updates, and fixes automatically. You will still maintain control of the front-end of your blog.

3. Intermediate Hosting and Design

The intermediate blog hosting plan includes website design requests. Therefore, you can “send change request” using the link at the top of our page. You pay a flat monthly rate and receive up to 1 hour of design services per business day. It is that simple! It includes the economy and basic hosting services as well.

4. Complete Hosting, Blog Design, and Graphic Design

Once enrolled in one of our “complete” blog hosting plans, you have access to our graphic designer. Therefore, you can “send change request” for basic graphic design work. So, you have access to Kreatif Solutions website designer and graphic designer for a flat monthly rate. This plan also includes up to one hour of services per business day.

5. Complete Plus

The “complete plus” plan is identical to the “complete” plan with one exception. It is for busy bloggers. Therefore, this plan comes with an additional hour of service each business day. So, you get up to 2 hours of services per business day.

Where to Start a Blog? Kreatif Solutions WordPress Website Design.

Why Start a Blog with Us?

In addition to our awesome hosting, web design, and graphic design service plans, we provide unique flexibility, significantly lower costs, and a marketing course.

Unique Flexibility

With unique flexibility, anyone can start a blog. Since you are not in a contract, you can start with one hosting plan and then switch to another at the next billing interval. Therefore, getting a brand new blog designed for under $300 is possible with the right strategy! And guess what, we will even design this cost effective strategy for you! Be sure to subscribe now. You do not want to miss out on this strategy.

Significantly Lower Cost

Our cost is much lower than other web design companies. You can have both a website designer and graphic designer on retainer. Then too, with flexible plans, you can upgrade to a plan with more options as needed. Then downgrade to a lower-cost plan at the next billing interval.

Blog Marketing Course

Website design is not simple. However, marketing is the real beast. It can be a real bummer! That is until you figure out what will work best for you. It is all about strategy. This is where our blog marketing course will come in handy. The details will arrive via email.

How to Start a Blog

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