What is Bounce Rate?

You are asking, what is bounce rate? Congratulations! You are getting into the nuts and bolts of having a successful blog! You are being introduced to one aspect of search engine optimization. The bounce rate is one of many important analytics terms. However, you will learn several. Therefore, lets jump to it.

The bounce rate is a term used to describe the rate at which a person leaves your blog after viewing only one page. One person may land on your blog and then leave without viewing another page. However, another individual may land on your blog and stay to peruse additional pages.

Therefore, the analytics report provides an average bounce rate. For example, for simplicity, we will say that a blog has a blog traffic rate of 2 and a bounce rate of 50 percent. Based on this report, one person stayed on the blog to view additional pages, while the other person “bounced” with no additional page views. With this example, you may assume that having a high bounce rate is bad. However, this is not always true.

Is a Low Bounce Rate Good?

So, is a low bounce rate good? It depends on your blog! Therefore, to determine if a high or low bounce rate is good or bad, you must examine your blog’s navigation plan. Two scenarios are provided to help you answer, “Is a low bounce rate good for my blog?”

Scenario 1:

You designed a blog with a block layout design. Therefore, you know that a visitor must click on one of the images to read a blog post. In this case, a low bounce rate is a very good thing. Ideally, you should have a very low bounce rate because your blog is designed to motivate click-thru action.

Scenario 2:

A blogger sets up his or her blog to display the latest blog post only. The blog does not have any side-bar activity or navigation menus. In this scenario, a high bounce should be expected! The visitor has only one page that they can view.

Most blogs will be somewhere in between scenario 1 and 2. Therefore, you must review your blog to determine your bounce rate goal. Nevertheless, people will “bounce” for various reasons without even reading one page. Therefore, there are various ways in which to improve your blog bounce rate. However, The Art of Blogging Introduction to Marketing course, tells you how to improve bounce rate.

How to Improve Bounce Rate

  1. Increase Your Website Speed

People will lose interest if your website takes a long time to load. Therefore, learn how to increase your website’s speed or decrease your page loading time.

  1. Use Appropriate Keywords

Finding the best keywords for your blog is challenging. Nevertheless, the more targeted the keywords, the more targeted your audience. Therefore, the more targeted your keywords, the less traffic you will get. While it may seem counterproductive, it is not. In this way, you streamline your audience and list of subscribers.

  1. Utilize Relevant Images

It is important to use relevant pictures. Using an image that is more entertaining than relevant can have a negative effect. While you may get more clicks, it can be disappointing to blog visitors. In a way, the image lets your audience know what to expect. Therefore, if the image is misleading, it can have a negative impact on your bounce rate.

  1. Improve Your Web Design

The term web design include various aspects of your blog. Therefore, improving aspects of your web design can improve your bounce rate.  Minor blog design changes can have a profound effect on your bounce rate. For examples, refer back to scenarios one and two. A blog must be designed for your target audience. Otherwise, your bounce rate will be poor.

  1. Use an Appropriate Font

Select a font that is appropriate for your intended audience. There is a broad range of acceptable fonts that can be used. However, consider the fonts readability. Even if your intended audience likes the font style, if it strains the eyes, they will lose interest in your blog. Therefore, font-style affects bounce rate.

Understanding what is bounce rate and more ways to improve your bounce rate is important. Enroll in The Art of Blogging Introduction to Marketing course today!

This ends the topic – What is Bounce Rate and How to Improve Bounce Rate.

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