What is a host?! This is a good question! However, when you are learning how to become a blogger, it can be hard to understand. First, remember that you will need a blog host. It is an essential requirement of all websites.

What is a host?!

Once you select an address (a domain), and then decide to build property (a blog), you will need land (a host). As a result, to answer what is a host, it is a company that provides the “land” for your blog to be online. Your blog is an electronic piece of property and your domain name is the address.

Once the property is built, it will always require land. Unlike most real estate, the property can be transferred to new land. Therefore, do not stress out too much about your host company. Nevertheless, all things considered, you will get what you pay.

A WordPress blog is the best blogging platform available. Therefore, I will provide you with a few host options for WordPress. The WordPress platform is widely available to individuals. If you are tech savvy, self-hosting is an option. But, for simplicity, only two main options will be considered next.


WordPress.com is a blog community that lets you use their Intranet service for free. However, for them to host you on the Internet, you must upgrade your account. The upgrade will require paying a reasonable service fee. If you are learning how to become a blogger, do not confuse WordPress.com with WordPress.org Paradoxically, they are the same but different. WordPress.org does not host.

Hosting Companies

Some popular hosting companies are GoDaddy, BlueHost, and HostGator. A hosting company will be slightly cheaper than WordPress.com. However, remember that you will get what you pay for. You can install and launch the WordPress platform with a one-click install. But then what? You will have to install all the necessary plugins, update and maintain the backend, and submit your blog to search engines. Once you learn the ins and outs, this may be a better option. But for a beginner, it’s worth paying a little extra at WordPress.com for some genuinely nice added perks!

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