What is a Blog?

So, you finally decided to figure out what is a blog? Congrats! Good for you. And guess what? You are certainly in the right place! This post is part of a series that will teach you how to start a blog. Without any further ado, I will define what is a blog.

Technically, a blog is simply a website or web page. However, unlike a website, a blog is updated regularly. As a result, blog visitors will expect to see something new. Nevertheless, it must be updated with relevant information. So, the blog must stay on topic.

How to Use It?

1. Marketing

Business websites use blogs to promote their business. Therefore, a blog is a marketing tool. In fact, you can use a blog to market a website. For example, a person may start an online store to start selling products. Then they can make a regular post on their blog to keep their subscribers coming back.

2. Writing

The great thing about a blog is that it can be about whatever you want it to be! It can be about different interests, hobbies, crafts, or areas of expertise. Ultimately, a blog should be written like a conversation. Therefore, a personal blog may be written like a journal or a diary.

On the other hand, a medical blog will be more formal. For inspiration, read 20 Creative Blog Ideas to Start Your Blog! After a blog topic has been selected, it must be written in the correct tone. So, the type of blog will determine how it is written.

3. Creating

Personal blogs are used to display writing, photography, fashion, travel, food and other things.  In this way, a blog becomes a creative outlet. Some people blog just to relax and have fun. While others become bloggers to make an income.

4. Monetizing

An income-producing blog sells products and or services. An artist may post their artwork to sell online. While a musician may sell music downloads. However, additional marketing techniques are often used.To this end, a blog is a source of income. Do not quit your day job, yet. However, you can start an income-producing blog.

5. Educating

Many people start educational blogs. In fact, this is an educational blog for The Art of Blogging Course. You are currently learning the answer to the question, what is a blog?

In Summary

However, there are numerous kinds of blogs that can be started. In fact, we even have an online How to Start a Blog Course! You can download “How to Start a Blog!” workbook to get started.

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