What Does Organic Search Mean?

What does organic search mean? This is a very important question to ask if you are learning how to start a blog. It is also essential to know if you have recently started blogging. Therefore, a congratulation is in order for asking “what does organic search mean?” Good job! When something is “organic” in nature, it is characterized by continuous or natural development. This is also true for an organic search. Therefore, it takes time to develop organic search results.

Searching Process

An organic search is when someone queries or searches for something online. Therefore, a search engine is required for people to perform an organic search. There are many search engines. However, some of the most popular are Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Quora, DogPile, Vimeo, and Yandex.

Therefore, to answer what does an organic search mean requires knowing how a search engine works. Basically, a person will type what they are looking for in a search engine. Then, the search engine will allow the most relevant websites or blogs to appear in the search engine results pages. Once the person clicks on a website or blog, the blog owner just received a free visit to their website. In the land of blogging, this is called organic traffic. Organic traffic is free traffic. Therefore, this is the ultimate goal of most blog owners. As you can see, it is highly beneficial to search engine optimize your blog or website. An organic search results page will show blogs that are search engine optimized.

It’s Real Meaning to Me…

  1. Organic (free) Blog Traffic
  2. Free Blog Marketing
  3. More Conversions
  4. Increased Monetization

In Summary

If you are learning how to start a blog, it means learning how to search engine optimize your website. You can learn how to search engine optimize your blog! Enroll in The Art of Blogging Training Course.

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