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Website traffic! If you are wondering, how to get people on my website? You have landed in the right place! Our new WordPress website design customers often have this question. It takes a while for the search engines to pick up on your website. Therefore, it is not uncommon for you to struggle with getting people on your website initially. However, if the problem persists, you will have to develop a better website traffic strategy. The goal is to get a consistent increase in traffic on your website each day, week, month, and year.

What Is It?

In the internet world, people that visit your website are referred to as “traffic.” Once you start analyzing your website report, you will see the term traffic, not people. So, keep in mind that your website “traffic” is the number of people that have visited your website. If you are thinking, this does not tell me how to get people on my website, keep reading.

How to Get People on My Website?

There are several ways to get people on your website! The best way to start getting website traffic is by search engine optimizing (SEO) your website. An SEO website can provide consistent, highly-targeted traffic. And the best part is that the people are referred to your website repeatedly for free. Kreatif Solutions provide SEO content writing services. However, this topic is discussed alone in another post. This post will highlight some simpler techniques to increase website traffic.

Another option is paid advertisements. You can create paid advertisements using Google AdWords, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. However, paid advertisements are discussed alone in other posts. The rest of this blog post will answer, “How to Get People on My Website” using social media, cross-marketing, offline marketing, and creative marketing techniques.

Social Media

Most people are familiar with social media. However, if you are not, social media is defined as a website and application that allow users to create and share content or to participate in social networking. Therefore, you can use various social media platforms to promote your website. Keep in mind that more is not always better. Try to pick only as many as you can reasonably manage or you will have to hire someone just to manage your social media accounts.

There is a certain etiquette that you will have to learn. And it can vary across platforms. However, the general rule for networking on social media is to like, share, comment, tweet, and click on other people’s shared information. They are likely trying to accomplish a similar goal, so be generous when time permits. Nevertheless, some platforms and groups will allow you to just drop your link.

5 Popular Social Media Platforms

  1. Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular online social media and social networking services. You can like, share, comment, and post links to your websites. When people click on your link, this will increase website traffic.

  1. Twitter

Twitter is an online news and social networking platform. Registered users can post and interact with messages and “tweets.” Each tweet is limited to 140 characters. You can post direct website links in each tweet you post. This can be highly beneficial to your website traffic.

  1. Instagram

You can only place your website address in your profile on Instagram. However, you can encourage people to click the link when you post. Use relevant hashtags (#) to get your post in front of the right individuals.

  1. Pinterest

Pinterest is an image-based social media platform. Therefore, you should pin high-quality images from your website to capture attention. Also, be sure to use relevant tags and titles. Both will help people find the things they are looking for.

  1. Google+

Google owns the main search engine. Therefore, Google+ provide multiple website traffic benefits. So post your well-designed and well-written website page links here.

Cross-Marketing: How to Get a Larger Audience?

Cross-marketing requires coming to an agreement with another person or business. It will require you to market another person or business. In return, they will market something for you in either an equal exchange or at cost. like your website, product, service, or business.

Cross-marketing can be performed with no cost involved assuming there is a balance between those involved. For example, if you have 1,000 Instagram followers, you could select another willing Instagrammer with 1,000 followers to market your product, service, page, or website. This could be a relatively equal marketing exchange. Of course, this is assuming that both of you come to an agreement on how to promote each other equally.

Similarly, if you have 500 followers and the other person have 950 followers, you could balance the cross-market by using a 2 to 1 ratio. This is another free way to increase followers and ultimately get people on your website.

However, an Instagrammer with 100,000 followers will likely not want to cross-market you for free. They will most likely charge you to get promoted in front of their much larger audience.

This has been a brief introduction to cross-marketing. However, there are numerous ways to cross-market. You can also place an advertisement on the other person’s website.

Offline Marketing

Offline marketing is simply a traditional form of marketing. It involves creating a promotion or advertisement that is outside of the Internet. The printed materials are then individually distributed to people in high traffic areas or placed in high traffic areas for them to grab. Examples of offline marketing include business cards, post cards, advertisement flyers, and other branded items.

Branded items could be stationary, pens, stick-it-notes, cups, t-shirts, car magnets, or window decals with your website address. These are all offline marketing techniques. Therefore, you will have to determine what type of offline marketing will work best for your website traffic marketing needs. Kreatif Solutions graphic designer is happy to design online and offline marketing material.

Creative Marketing

How to get people on my website? With creative marketing! Creative marketing can be a fun way to increase website traffic. However, it still requires a strategy. Simply decide what your main goal will be. Your goal could be to “get people on my website.” Next, come up with an idea that will get people on your website. Once you come up with the idea, put yourself in the other person’s shoes. Then honestly ask yourself, would I go to my website based on my marketing offer. If so, great! If not, figure out how they can benefit from visiting your website.

For example, you can pass out a flyer with just your website address. With no other details or added perks mentioned, few people will visit the website. Another option is for you to pass out a flyer with your website address and a concise description of your website. This will get targeted website traffic. To enhance this further, tell them about a specific offer (coupon, discount, free) on your website that they can subscribe and receive via email. In this way, you will have accomplished getting people on your website, collected emails for re-marketing, and provided them with a reason to revisit on their own.

How to get people on my website? With a consistent marketing strategy. If you are still wondering how to get people on my website, enroll in The Art of Blogging marketing course to learn more about website traffic.


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