Travel Blog Names

Starting a travel blog and deciding between travel blog names is exciting! However, there are things that must be considered when you are coming up with travel blog name ideas. Therefore, this blog post will give you some tips to get started.

5 Things to Consider:

1. Travel Blog Domain Names

Essentially, travel blog names become travel blog domain names. Therefore, the travel blog domain names availability become a significant part of the equation. So, before you start designing and branding your new travel blog name, make sure that the domain name is available!

2. Make It Unique, But Memorable

Of course, when starting a travel blog you want it to be unique. However, make sure you consider travel blog names that are easy to remember and spell. In this way, people will remember your travel blog name.

3. The Dot Com Factor (.com)

Once people remember your travel blog domain names spelling, they will often assume that it is a dot com. Therefore, if it is not a dot com, be sure to emphasize whatever dot you have selected. When you start writing your travel blog this will become important.

4. Make It Relevant

Choose between travel blog domain names that will represent your travel blog well. In this way, when a person looks at your travel blog domain name, they can discern that it is a travel blog. In addition, if it is going to be a local city, state, or country travel blog try to incorporate it in the travel blog name ideas. On the other hand, if you are going to travel the globe, let the name imply that.

5. When Possible, Research

When possible, research travel blog names and then travel blog domain names! A search engine optimized domain name can provide you with free traffic. However, when available, they can be on the pricey side. Nevertheless, you may be able to develop a nice workable substitute. Otherwise, be as creative as you want and then market your travel blog domain name well.

Travel Blog Name Ideas…

The following travel blog name ideas have not been researched at all. In fact, they are likely already being used in some form. Nevertheless, I am including a list to help you get some of your own ideas flowing. Therefore, this list will help you decide between a handful of travel blog names.

The Traveler’s Diary

“Susan” In Seattle

On The GO

One Way Ticket

Around The World With “Tim”

The Backpacker’s Diary

Nomadic Life

Planes Trains and Automobiles

Culturally Developed

Please leave comments and questions below. Thanks for reading my list of travel blog names.

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