The Art of Blogging Course

Instructor: Lyn | Location: Online | Days: Any | Length: Varies | Cost: Varies
The Art of Blogging Course is sponsored by the Low Carb Diet Life.


General Prerequisites: Students planning to enroll in The Art of Blogging Course must own a computer and have regular internet access. Additional qualifications include, but are not limited to, the ability to use a computer, read with comprehension, write complete sentences, and learn new skills.

General Course Description: While helping small business owners launch a new website, Kreatif Solutions discovered that small business owners needed help learning how to create a blog to advertise, market, and direct more customers to their new websites.
Many large companies simply hire blog writers and marketers to maintain company websites. However, small local business owners are not always financially positioned to pay a full-time salary for blog advertising and marketing.

Therefore, in an effort to help small business owners, The Art of Blogging Course was initially developed to teach small business owners the basics of how to create a blog to use for marketing. As research and development was underway, The Art of Blogging Course evolved into a series of courses.

The Art of Blogging Course was developed by a professional blogger with a traditional work history experience. The course developer has worked as a professional cosmetologist, radiology technologist, radiation therapist, healthcare manager, classroom instructor, project manager, and attended premedical school training. She has completed a Master of Business Administration degree from The University of Houston.