SEO Content Writing

SEO content writing is a detailed process. Of central importance, the writing is a combination of search-engine friendly content that meets the needs of your blog audience. Nevertheless, this type of content writing is extremely important because it saves you tons of money when content is search engine optimized.

In the short run, SEO content writing requires a small investment. It will be an investment of both time and money. However, when written properly, this free traffic marketing is definitely worth the extra investment. However, the SEO content writing process requires much more than writing. The following section is provided to give you a small glimpse of how get the best SEO content writing.

8 Steps for Success

SEO content writing is not an easy task.Therefore, the section is divided into three parts. It includes a before, during, and after view of the basic process that occurs when hired. This process is required for creating search-engine friendly information that customers want.

Before You Start

1. Blog Requirements

Before researching and writing begins, decide what you want to write about. During this discovery phase, think about your blog topic, services, products, and target markets. In this way, the needs of your small business blog are pinpointed.

2. Keyword Research

Next, the word search begins. Keywords that match the needs of your blog are used. This research process can take hours to fine-tune, tweak, and refine. Then, an interesting blog topic is created.

After You Start

3. Content Writing

And then, “finally” the SEO content writing process begins. As you can see, this step requires more than just writing whatever is on your mind. A strategic writing process is involved! After the keyword research ends, the content writing research begins.

4. Website Optimization

Once SEO content writing has been completed, it must be optimized for the website. This requires a new set of on-page optimization task that must be performed for Google Analytics.

After You Are Finished

5. SEO Submission

Once the SEO content writing is website optimized, the data must be submitted to a search engine. Google is the primary search engine used for website optimization. However, other search engines are Bing-Yahoo, Ask, and AOL Search.

6. Link Building

Next, links are created on the internet. Fortunately, link building is less brain intense. However, it too takes time and effort to build. But it is an essential step in the SEO process.

7. Reporting

Reporting is a customized view of your Google Analytics. A basic introduction to web analytics is included with the How to Manage a Blog Course.

8. Website Analysis

A website analysis is a detailed report card on your SEO performance. Therefore, it has a wealth of traffic data including, but not limited to, impressions, click-thru rates, bounce rates, users, page views, and locations.The website analysis is used to further improve your SEO performance. This can be done in a variety of ways depending on the traffic data.


As you can see, SEO content writing is not simple. However, it can be learned with practice. Without SEO content writing, you will have to work hard for longer than needed.

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