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There are several hundred ways to sell online! However, this post narrows it down to 20 different ways to monetize your website. Do not feel slighted. Soon, you will discover that this is more than enough to get started. In fact, the ways to monetize your website are divided into six basic ways to sell online. A brief overview of each is provided.

Six Basic Ways

One of the simplest ways to monetize your website is to charge for different kinds of advertisements. There are a variety of ways to do so. However, another relatively simple way to sell online is to use affiliate marketing. In this way, you get paid a referral fee to market someone else’s product. Often, both methods can be used simultaneously.

Next, you can sell digital products online. Digital products are downloadable things like music, videos, ebooks, and online courses. They require a little preliminary research, time, and money to create. However, digital products are an easy way to monetize your website passively.

Similarly, you can sell personal services. Personal services are ways to share your knowledge in areas that you specialize. Then, to take it a step further, you can provide membership services. Membership websites can be a combination of digital products and services.

And lastly, you can sell physical products online. Physical products can be a tremendous amount of work. For example, packaging, labeling, and shipping are a project in themselves at first. Then, assuming you sell online, you must determine sales tax requirements for different cities and states. Preparing your shipping fee is a bit of a headache as well. Nevertheless, if this is your preference, it too is very doable.

Sell Online

20 Ways to Monetize Your Blog


  1. Display Google Ads

Google AdSense is probably one of the easiest ways to start generating a little money online. After signing up, you determine where Google can display advertisements to your website visitors. As your website traffic increase, so will the ways to monetize your website.

  1. Sell Ads Directly

This is an option once you are getting a substantial amount of traffic on your website. You can charge to rent advertisement space on your blog.

  1. Offer Guest Blog Posts

A guest blog post is essentially an entire page of advertisement. Again, you can sell online advertisement best with a high-traffic website.

  1. Get Paid to Write Reviews

Writing product reviews are a fun way to sample free products and generate some income. However, you can also review services and businesses.

Affiliate Marketing

  1. Become an Amazon Affiliate

Affiliate marketing can be very profitable. However, it too works best with high-traffic websites. In fact, some companies will not allow you to become an affiliate unless you have a certain amount of relevant traffic. Therefore, marketing products that are related to your website content are also important.

  1. Affiliate Market for Target

Are you a huge fan of Target products? And can your blog topic easily incorporate popular items sold by Target? If so, then go for it. They are one of many companies that have affiliate marketing opportunities.

  1. Become a Best Buy Affiliate Marketer

If you have an information technology website, becoming a Best Buy affiliate may be of interest to you.However, there are hundreds of companies to choose from. Therefore, choose a company that provides the best combination of products, services, and payment structure.

Digital Products

  1. Digital Art

You can create and sell screensavers for computers, tablets, and phones. Or, you can design and sell printable artwork. Graphic design is very popular.

  1. Sell eBooks

eBooks are a lot of fun if you enjoy writing. However, research first. Then write. Afterwards, create an awesome title. And lastly, get a professional book cover designed.

  1. Online Courses

An online course is even more time-consuming. Therefore, do thorough research. Research to find a course that people will want to purchase. Then, check out the competition to see how your course measures up.

  1. Accept Donations

This is one of the less intuitive ways to monetize your website. Nevertheless, some people have success with this method. There are creative ways to request donations for digital products. For example, one website asks visitors to “buy them a cup of coffee.”

Personal Services

  1. Host a Paid Webinar

This is where your field of expertise will come into play. If you are licensed or highly-skilled in an area, you can create a webinar. A webinar is simply an audible online course. Prepare for it the same way you would prepare for a presentation that you would deliver in a classroom.

  1. Become a Coach

If you are great with fitness, food, and nutrition. You can become a weight loss coach. Charge for phone coaching sessions. Provide nutritious meal plans and recipes. And of course, write a book to sell.

  1. Start Your Own Consulting Business

Again, “expertise” in an area of interest is recommended for consulting. However, be creative! If you are good at something, add “consultant” to the end and get to work. Seriously. But, be genuine. Do not fake an interest, it’ll show. For example, you can be a garage door consultant, nursery room consultant, or a weight loss consultant.

  1. Become a Freelancer

If you work from 9 to 5 on the clock, you can do the same off the clock. Nevertheless, do not limit yourself. Be creative. If you are naturally good at something and people want it, offer a service. It does have to be something that you currently get paid for doing. However, if promoted on your website, it should be related to your topic.

Memberships Services

  1. Start a Paid Membership Website

Paid membership websites are another way to sell online. You can provide services, courses, and/or forums on the website. You can research to find out more.

  1. Create Restricted Members Only Content

A similar option is to leave some information open to the public while making some private. Online directories frequently have restricted information. Have you ever looked up a person’s phone number online? All kinds of details populate. However, the information you need often requires a fee.

  1. Event Calendars, Job Boards, Business Directories

Create an event calendar, job board, or business directory that requires paid submissions. Keep in mind the need for traffic on the website. Without traffic, you have no business.

  1. Private Forums

A private forum is simply a private chat room. The forum is centered on a specific area of interest. This benefit people who are interested in the topic and willing to pay for private membership. Therefore, you must choose the topic carefully and research the target demographic. Some online dating websites have private forums while others have restricted members-only content.

Physical Products

  1. Sell Physical Products Online

You can create an eCommerce store to sell products online. You can sell homemade goods or order products in bulk. For example, you can start a baseball cap, flip-flop, coffee-cup, or t-shirt business. Simply add a logo to the product. Kreatif Solutions design logos for branding products. However, there is more to learn about selling physical products.

You can see that the ways to monetize your website are endless, therefore, anyone can sell online!

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