How to Write a Travel Blog?

Learning how to write a travel blog is a great place to start learning how to start a travel blog. As a traveler and blogger, this is an exciting post to share with you!

For the most part, you will write a travel blog in the same way that you would write any other blog. One exception is that you will have to write your own content. Therefore, you cannot hire someone to write a travel blog for you.

You can read how to write a blog to learn the basics of how to write a travel blog. However, this post will highlight some specific aspects of writing a travel blog.

Getting Started

For me, traveling always involved air travel, transportation around the area, local sightseeing, accommodations, shopping, and dining. If you are already traveling, write about things that interest you and others. Therefore, you must determine the most popular sights to see and things to do in each location you visit. However, you must also keep your travel blog audience in mind.

1. Know Your Audience

Learning how to write a travel blog starts with your audience. Therefore, you must decide on a particular audience for your blog. In this way, you can find out what they want to know and write accordingly.

2. Research What People Want to Know.

Research to figure out what potential visitors want to know about the area. Depending on the audience you have selected, write about topics that will interest them. Then, once you have a large audience, you can write about many additional things. Include things that you think people should know about the area. Therefore, you may want to let them know about good deals, exciting hideaways, and safety issues.

3. Write What People Want to Know

Regarding content, once you have researched, you will know what to write. However, keep your audience in mind. You can learn how to select your travel blog audience using our How to Start a Travel Blog eBook.

4. Use the Appropriate Search Engine Format

Once you know your audience and have completed your research, you simply need to learn how to write a blog post. Therefore, you are almost ready to start writing a travel blog post. You will learn that search engine marketing is not the simplest thing to do, but is worth the effort.

5. Keep It Interesting

Once you know how to write a travel blog, just keep it interesting. You can check out some of our travel blog name ideas. Many people are naturally curious about other countries and their culture. Therefore, once you know your target audience, becoming a travel blogger gets easier. Once you start sharing on social media, your audience may become varied and quite large. But, you should continue writing for the audience you have selected.

6. Share Good Pictures

You can write until your heart is content, but it is said that “a picture is worth a thousand words!” In addition, in order to share good pictures you  must take good pictures. Therefore, take lots of pictures and share your best photography with the travel blog writing.


You can learn much more about How to Start a Travel Blog in the eBook mentioned. However, we also provide a blogging course that teaches additional ways you can travel and have an online blog business. Thanks for reading!

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