How to Write a Blog Post

This is a basic format for learning how to write a blog post. Therefore, if you are serious about blogging there is still more to be learned. Nevertheless, if you are getting your blog started, congratulations! This will help you get the gist of how to write a blog post.

The Art of Blogging Course: Introduction to Blog Writing

1. Decide on a Topic

First, you must decide on a topic for your post. You can be creative, but attempt to stick to your main blog topic. In this way, you will do a better job of keeping the search engines happy. In addition, you want to keep your audience comfortable and coming back for more. Nothing you post should surprise them. This is accomplished by sticking to your overall blog topic.

2. Pick Subtopics

Second, decide on a few related subtopics for your writing. The length of your blog post can impact the number of subcategories. Therefore, if you write a blog post that is 300 words long, you may have only 1 subcategory. On the other hand, if your blog writing is of substantial length, you will need to add more subcategories.

However, if you post a list that is only 300 words, you may end up with several subcategories for each bullet point or number. Therefore, this is one unique circumstance that may change the number of subcategories.

The Art of Blogging Course: Content Development Strategy

3. Research Content

Next, you can research your topic. The purpose of this is to find content to write your blog. Therefore, if you are an expert on the subject of your blog, you may not need to do much research. However, it is always good to see what others are writing so that you can make your content unique.

Plagiarism is a major no-no. Search engines are designed to notice even the slightest patterns of replication. Therefore, research, but do not copy. The end result will be very negative for you and the unsuspecting blogger. Search engines can and will penalize a website or a blog.

4. Bonus Exercise

This exercise will help you learn How to Create a Blog Using the Best Blog Topics. Click on the image to download. Please take time to subscribe.

5. Create Content

At this point, you have picked a topic, selected subtopics, and researched content for writing. Therefore, you essentially know the basics of how to write a blog post. You can start writing a blog. A blog should be a minimum of 300 words. However, there are exceptions to this rule. For example, if you start a word definition blog, the answer may not require 300 words.

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6. Display Content

Lastly, post the content you have written. This can be accomplished using a blogging platform like These are the fundamental aspects of learning how to write a blog post. When a person arrives on your blog, it should feel familiar to them. However, if you would like more people to arrive on your blog, you can learn even more about how to write a blog post in The Art of Blogging Course.


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