How to Start a Travel Blog?

So, you want to know how to start a travel blog! You are in the right place! I am so excited for you! Traveling is a special interest of mine! However, learning how to start a travel blog will depend greatly on your actual goals and abilities.

You may think that starting a successful travel blog requires traveling! And that, unless you have the appropriate finances, you will need a sponsor. That is not always the case! However, remember that once you start a travel blog, your topic cannot be switched easily.

If you are starting a travel blog simply for your pleasure, this is a super easy thing to accomplish. However, if you want and need to start a successful travel blog for income, that is another story. To be successful, you will need to have a regular blog viewers and a way to consistently monetize your website for your specific blog audience.


Steps to Consider:

1. Decide which audience you can best capture.

Depending on your budget, you can start a travel blog that will attract a specific type of audience. If you start a vagabond travel blog, you will get a certain audience. On the other hand, if you start a high-end travel blog, you will get a different audience. And finally, you can learn how to start a travel blog that is somewhere in between the two. In this way, you can write a travel blog and choose a travel blog domain name appropriately.

2. Determine the way you intend to move around.

The way you travel will also help determine your blog audience. A “vagabond” style blogger could highlight walking, bicycling, or busing themselves around tourist areas. And when possible, they can travel from location to location by bus or train. On the other hand, a travel blog that is not particularly looking for a vagabond audience can choose to highlight car rental, cab and tour group travel. They can highlight coach air travel or private train travel accommodations. And lastly, a high-end travel blog can highlight different modes of transportation for their intended audience.

3. Create an Itinerary.

Years ago, I wondered from country to country with my passport. However, I do not recommend this method of travel. After returning home, slightly culture-shocked from living in Grenada for a year, I ended up in Manhattan. I left Manhattan with a one-way ticket to London. While in London, I booked a one-way ticket to Paris. Then, when in Paris, I was so close to Rome (relatively speaking) that I had to go. After spending a few days in Rome, I simply did not want to return home. I ended up calling an ex-neighbor that had moved to Kuala Lumpur for her job to spend the weekend. Still unable to shake not wanting to go home, I booked a one-way ticket to Thailand. I stayed in Phuket, Thailand for about a month. Nevertheless, things have changed! Among other things, create a travel itinerary!

4. Decide the length of time that you intend to stay at each destination.

Some of this may already be determined for you. It may change based on your country of origin and where you travel. Nevertheless, once you pick a destination, decide if you can and will stay there for days, weeks, months, or years! Then adjust your accommodations and mode of transportation as needed. When in Grenada, I rented an apartment and car. However, while in Thailand, I stayed in a hotel that included a nice complimentary breakfast. It was walking distance to the grocery store, mall, pharmacy, laundry service, and tour booking company.

5. What will be your focus?

A travel blog benefits from having a special focus. Therefore, decide how you will design your blog. In this way, you will know how and what to highlight as you travel. Some options include landmarks, scenic views, food, people, culture, local sightseeing, and other offbeat things to do.

These are some additional tools to help you learn how to start a travel blog.

Consider a few questions before taking the leap.

Questions you should ask yourself…

  1. Do I want to start a travel blog simply because I want to travel?
  2. Or, do I really want to learn how to start a successful blog that will allow me to travel?

Either way, we got you covered. Carefully decide if you want to learn how to start a successful travel blog. Or if you really just want to start a successful blog that will generates enough income for you to travel.

Let me explain the brief interrogation.

Traveling is something that I enjoy! And sharing stories and pictures are also loads of fun. However, starting a profitable travel blog can take years to develop. All this verbiage has been to make this statement, starting an income producing travel blog is not the easiest. There are many unique factors involved. However, you can start a variety of blogs that will allow you to earn a passive eCommerce income from anywhere. Then, when possible, you can travel comfortably while generating an income from your blog.

You can simply learn how to become a different kind of blogger.

First, starting a different type of blog is less competitive. Secondly, with a different audience, you can monetize your blog in a variety of ways. In this way, you can have a more reliable source of income. Then too, it can take the “job” out of traveling. Once you are traveling, you can always start a travel blog for your enjoyment instead of a source of income. Therefore, you can enjoy traveling and writing your travel blog.

Nevertheless, starting a successful travel blog is completely doable with the right motivation and tools to get started! If you are still on board with starting a travel blog, then go for it! Read: How to Start a Travel Blog eBook to learn how to start a successful travel blog and make money!


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