How to Start a Successful Blog eBook

How to Start a Successful Blog eBook

Simple Step-by-Step Business Planning Guide

Learning how to start a successful blog eBook demonstrates that it is a challenge worth pursuing. Yet, there are many hurdles along the way, so some people often just give up. If you intend to start blogging for money, you are actually trying to learn how to start a real business. Then, putting your blog topic aside for a moment, you are entering a unique industry! You are entering the online marketing industry! Without knowing the rules, you may tread water for a while, but eventually, you will sink without the right tools. Therefore, you must take time to learn how to swim.


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Thus far, I have introduced two things, starting a business and online marketing. Like any traditional business, learning how to start a successful blog requires research and planning. Without research and planning, marketing can become a real challenge. Especially if you do not know who your blog audience will be and how many other people are also trying to get in front of this audience.

This book is the result of my experience as a blogger, project manager, and master of business administration training. Therefore, this “how to start a blog” guide does not just throw you in the water by telling you how to “launch a blog“. Anybody can do that! Launching a blog is one thing, blogging is another, and learning how to start a successful blog are all different things.

Therefore, the How to Start a Successful Blog? eBook forces you to make your major business blogging decisions before you get distracted by the technical side of blogging. How to Start a Successful Blog eBook is not too technical at all. The eBook is written in a step by step format using simple language. In fact, even the examples used are simple enough to help you understand basic business ideas well.

Then, you can learn more technical details by enrolling in The Art of Blogging Course. Although not required, you can also purchase a printer-friendly workbook that goes along with the outline of How to Start a Successful Blog eBook.

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