How to Start a Recipe Blog?

How to Start a Recipe Blog? Food is such an exciting subject! However, you are not limited to learning how to start a recipe blog. You can also learn how to start food blogs and how to start cooking blogs. However, this type of blog is the simplest of the “food blog” series that I have posted today.

Therefore, I will get right to the point with this post and teach you how to start a recipe blog. However, I do recommend that you read “how to start a food blog” as well. In this way, you can be sure that your blog’s name and the content matches. Plus you will get some pretty cool blog ideas for free.

The Steps

  1. Get Your Recipes
  2. Take or Find Photos
  3. Start The Blog (Professional or Hobbyist)
  4. Add a Recipe Plugin

It really is that simple! Get your favorite recipes together and decide how serious you want to be when you start a recipe blog. If you want to be original and or think that you may want to monetize your recipe blog in the future, take your own photos. Otherwise, you can find free or paid food photos online.

Next, simply start a blog. If you are just having fun, start a blog at If you are learning how to start a recipe blog for profit, StudioPress may be a better choice for your blog. Both companies use the most popular blogging platform.

The difference between the two is that WordPress provides pre-made sites with some limits on features, while StudioPress provides a streamlined version of professional sites. StudioPress is for blogging professionals that want their blogs to be lightweight and easily found by search engines.

One more option is HostGator. They are a hosting company with a managed WordPress platform. They are similar to WordPress dot com. However, you will not be connected to a community of bloggers.

And finally, install a Plugin! Simply find and install a free recipe plugin.

In summary, learning how to start a recipe blog is really straightforward. However, if you would like to learn more about blogging, enroll in The Art of Blogging Course.

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