How to Start a Niche Blog

When thinking about how to start a niche blog, you must think paradoxically. At first, you must really think outside the box. Then, once you have found your niche, you must find creative ways to stay inside the box! Before discussing how to start a niche blog, let me describe a niche blog.

What Is It?

A niche blog is a blog with a narrow subject area. For example, assume that Joe wanted to start a tree blog. He would have an endless number of trees to write about. However, Joe could narrow the trees down by region or tree type. A “niche” tree blog would be something like “pecan trees in Louisiana.” And even this will provide a broad subject area.

Here is another example to help put a niche blog into perspective. A monster blog is compared to a supercenter that sells clothes, shoes, socks, groceries, electronics, and automotive goods. While a regular blog is more like a convenient store. It has basic groceries, snacks, and drinks. Well, a niche blog would be like opening a sock store. Once opened, you sold nothing but a nice variety of socks! That sounds fun and easy enough, right? Niche blogs are great for people with special hobbies and interests like traveling, cooking, or budgeting.

Maintaining It

Therefore, when you are highly interested in the niche that you choose, it can provide a sense of accomplishment. However, if you choose the wrong niche for the right reasons, the blog can quickly become a pain. You will be working on the same topic for a while. Therefore, choose something that you really enjoy and pace yourself. Another option is to let someone else help you with some of the writing – share the work.


Also, think about how you will market such a niche. How will you get yourself in front of your audience? A niche blog requires detailed research. This is because you are putting all your eggs in one “box.” However, do not be afraid to take your blog this route. They really can be quite fun! Below are a few popular niche-like blogs. Remember, popular is not always a good thing when it comes time to market.

9 Simple Ideas:

  1. Hawaiian Coffee Blog
  2. Dark Chocolate
  3. Earl Grey Tea Blog
  4. Nostalgic Gum Blog
  5. Willy Wonka Candy
  6. Juicing For Your Health Blog
  7. Napa Valley Red Wine
  8. Wisconsin Cheese Blog
  9. Essential Oils

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Things to Think About

First, can you come up with at least 25 unique topics for your niche blog? If so, great! Next, research to find out if others are looking for what you intend to market. You want to find out if your blog will have an audience sooner versus later. I’ll share the short version of my completely “niche” eBook fiasco.

Many years ago, I wrote my first eBook. I did so without doing any research. Therefore, the entire thing was about things that interested me and apparently me only. People could not care any less about the book! It had an audience of 3 (me, myself, and I). That was months of wasted time and energy.

However, do not be afraid to start a niche blog! Just do your research before you start. Then too, if you intend to market heavily and implement a strong branding strategy, you can be a bit more adventurous. However, if you are just sticking your feet in the water with minimal marketing skills or budget, start with something that is at least familiar.

Getting Started

So, how to start a niche blog? Essentially, the same way that you would start any other blog. However, a niche blog can be a bit easier. With a regular blog, you have too many different directions to go. Then, it becomes difficult to stay focused while building the content. However, with a niche blog, your content is streamlined because your subject area is not overly broad.

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For example, if you start a potato chip niche blog, you can write potato chip reviews! On the other hand, you could start a potato blog. Then, you can write about fresh potatoes, baked potatoes, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, scalloped potatoes, potato fries, and potato chips.

Seriously, niche blogs can be a lot of fun. A potato chip review blog would be a fun and low-cost niche blog start-up. Add some referral marketing, and you just started a business! Once it becomes popular, companies may start sending free potato chips for you to review. A niche blog can certainly have its perks!

5 Steps to Getting Started

  1. Niche Blog Ideas
  2. Research Ideas & Monetization
  3. Plan Your Page
  4. Prepare Your Content
  5. Launch Your Niche Blog

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