How to Start a Medical Blog?!

As a medical professional, learning how to start a medical blog is exciting! You have your degree and/or license in whatever field of expertise, and now you want to share your knowledge on the World Wide Web.

If you are not a licensed professional, you may want to read, “How to Start a Health Blog?

The First Step…

Determine your ultimate goal for learning how to start a medical blog. Are you just sharing your knowledge? Or, are you trying to educate your current patients? Perhaps, you want to get more new patients. You may likely be interested in a combination of the things mentioned. However, you must decide on the direction you are going to take your blog.


Your field of expertise is likely very large. Therefore, the next step is to determine where you want to start. For example, a cardiologist is an expert in the cardiovascular system which includes the entire circulatory system and related conditions. Determine which conditions you specialize in treating most. Think about some common questions, problems, and concerns your patients often have. These are the topics that may be a good place to start writing because if your patients have these questions, many others may be online looking for answers as well.


Start writing your medical blog! Remember, it is best to blog about topics in which you are an expert. As a trained medical professional, you should already be aware of the risks associated with giving medical advice. Therefore, choose your topics and words of advice carefully. Then, be sure to include any appropriate disclaimers.


You can launch a simple professional looking medical blog here. As a professional, you would certainly want to purchase your own domain name. You can read more about the basics of starting a blog here.


And the last step, particularly if you do not have a waiting audience, determine how you will market your blog. If you would like to learn more about blogging, enroll in The Art of Blogging Course.

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