How to Start a Health Blog?!

This post will teach you how to start a health blog in six steps. As one of my favorite topics of research, you will enjoy learning how to start a health blog. But first, let’s define the difference between a health blog and a medical blog.

The Difference…

A health blog is written by someone that is not a doctor. You may be a personal trainer, a nutritionist, or a person with lots of knowledge about a certain health topic for personal reasons. For example, the Low Carb Diet Life is a blog written by a medical professional that has been on a low carb diet for several years. Let’s continue with how to start a health blog.

1. Determine Your Ultimate Goal

If you enjoy writing, then blogging is a good hobby or profession for you. However, if you have other goals in mind like selling an eBook or selling a product, you may want to decide on these things ahead of time. Once you start going in one direction, it is hard to change directions. Your audience may get confused and lose interest.

2. Choose A Main Blog Topic

If you intend to eventually sell a product, your main topic should attract an audience that would like to eventually read the eBook or purchase the product(s) you will be selling. The main blog topic needs to be narrow enough to focus on one audience, but broad enough to include a large audience.

3. Decide On Your Audience

Determine what type of people you want to attract with your blog. If you are starting a fitness blog, you will attract health conscience people that are concerned about fitness. Therefore, you should write with this particular audience in mind.

4. Determine How You Will Market

As a professional blogger, determining how to market your blog is a first step. You can write and write, but without an audience, you are just talking to yourself. And you will certainly not sell any products.

5. Select a Writing Strategy

Writing strategy is discussed in more detail in The Art of Blogging Course. However, you can start writing on any subject related to your main topic. In this way, your audience will not get confused.

6. Launch Your Blog

The last step is to launch your blog. This link will take you through a quick step-by-step launch. This professional-looking blogging platform is great for learning how to start a health blog.

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