How to Start a Hair Blog?

Deciding how to start a hair blog that will work best for you can be very beneficial. Especially if you are a licensed cosmetologist, own a salon, or have a hair-related product to sell.

The Basic Steps…
1. Determine your end goal
2. Decide on a hair blog type
3. Take good pictures
4. Brand your work
5. Market to the right audience
6. Capture Leads

1. Determine Your End Goal

When learning how to start a hair blog, the first step is to figure out your end goal. Therefore, decide how you intend to get a return on your investment. Keep in mind that blogging is mostly a time investment. Therefore, it’s not really about the small financial investment required for blogging.

Hairstylist may want to increase their clientele or sell a new product. Similarly, a salon owner may want to get more customers in their salon and/or market retail offered by the salon. In addition, a salon owner with a cosmetology instructors license may even want to target other professionals in the area to market an upcoming in-house hair show.

2. Decide on a Hair Blog Type

There are many different hair types, styles, and colors. Therefore, it is better to pick an area of focus based upon your end goal. For example, let’s say that you intend to eventually sell a hair balm for natural African American hair types. In this instance, you should start a hair blog that will attract primarily an African American audience with natural hair.

Types of Hair Blog

Hair Color highlights, colors
Hair Texture straight, wavy, curly, kinky curls
Hair Length short, medium, long, or combination
Hair Styles natural, braids, silk press, weaves, prom, wedding
Hair Cuts men’s, women’s, short, long
Nationality Asian Hair, African-American Hair, Caucasian, Etc.

3. Take Good Pictures

People really enjoy seeing make-over transformations. Therefore, be sure to take high-quality pictures before, during, and after the hairstyle. If you are marketing your hair blog to other cosmetology professionals, you may need a photographer (co-worker) to capture your work in progress. For example, if you are blogging about a high-precision hair-cutting technique, you may need to demonstrate how to section the hair and at what angle to hold the hair in each section. In fact, when possible, a video demonstration would be helpful.

4. Brand Your Work

People will likely start to share and pin some of your best work. Therefore, be sure to casually brand your pictures so that people will know your work. You can simply add your blog address or business name.

5. Market to The Right Audience

If you are trying to target local customers, figure out the best way to get in front of local audience. For example, many people use local hashtags and other related local marketing. In addition, using offline marketing techniques such as business cards can also be beneficial.

6. Capture Leads

One of the great things about learning how to start a hair blog is that you can also turn your blog into a “lead” capture page. Therefore, when blog visitors land on your page, you should request an email address. In this way, you can email them when you post a new blog, have a salon promotion, or start marketing for a product or hair show.

The Art of Blogging Course teaches you how to start a blog. However, some of you may also be interested in learning how to start a beauty blog or how to start a fashion blog.  This ends the post on how to start a hair blog.

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