How to Start a Fashion Blog

Learning how to start a fashion blog is exciting! Especially if you are a fan of fashion. However, even if you think that you are not into fashion, you still are. Whether we like it or not, fashion is something we deal with every day. What we choose to wear every morning say a lot about us and how we feel each day.

However, fashion is not limited to our style of dress. Fashion is a style or practice, that not only includes clothing, but also footwear, accessories, makeup, hair, and nails. Therefore, regardless of what you think, you have your own unique sense of style. You will discover that there are many styles of fashion. Therefore, learning how to start a fashion blog will first require you to choose a fashion style for your blog.

1.Choose Your Style

As mentioned, there are many fashion styles in which to choose. However, choose one that you are most comfortable with. Therefore, if you are into “girl next door” fashion, starting a formal fashion blog may be a stretch for you to continue. This is a list of fashion style options for your blog:

Vintage Fashion Chic Fashion Exotic Fashion Vibrant Fashion
Bohemian Fashion Artsy Fashion Girl Next Door Fashion Sporty Fashion
Casual Fashion Preppy Fashion Everyday Fashion Wedding Fashion
Sophisticated Fashion Elegant Fashion Business Fashion Formal Fashion

2. Find Your Audience

Once you have decided on a fashion style, you must research. In this way, you will know how many people will be looking for a blog like yours. If you intend to learn how to start a fashion blog and make money. This step must be considered carefully. Because you will want an existing crowd of people already looking for what you are offering. Otherwise, you will have to create a new market by first convincing them that they need what you have.

3. Photography, Videos, and Images

A successful fashion blog will be a highly image-based blog. Therefore, deciding how you will provide and present your blog’s images is also very important. If you start a make-up fashion blog, video tutorials may be a great way to market your blog. Otherwise, step-by-step photographs should be taken during the make-up application process.

If you are learning how to start a fashion blog for clothing, there are options for you as well. One set of options is to self-model or find models. Either way, you will need someone to take your photos. If you have a model, you can be the photographer. Otherwise, you will need someone to take your self-model poses.

Another option is to photograph the outfit itself. In this way, you simply arrange the clothing and accessories together for their photo shoot. If you decide to use a model or photograph outfits, you will need good lighting and a good camera. Ultimately, you will be fine-tuning your photography skills.

Because you need everything to look nice, I’ll share one last option. Depending on your blog style, you can purchase images from a reliable company. Shutterstock has monthly image plans that may save you a lot of time and money. Since you are learning how to start a fashion blog, you may want to check them out to weigh all your options. Remember, you will still need to write your blog.

4. Purchase Your Domain Name

Your domain name is another fun step in the process of learning how to start a fashion blog. However, the domain name should represent your fashion style. For example, if you start a girl next door fashion style blog, your domain name should give that impression. Therefore, would not give the right impression.

5. Launch a WordPress Blog

At, you can purchase your domain name and launch your blog. It is simple. You can continue learning how to start a blog. The Art of Blogging Course teaches you how to manage, how to market, how to write, and how to monetize a blog.

Now that you know how to start a fashion blog, leave a comment stating the style of fashion for your blog.

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