How to Start a Cooking Blog and Make Money

Some readers want to know how to start a cooking blog and make money. While others just want to learn how to start a cooking blog. Therefore, this post will discuss how to start a cooking blog first. Then end with how to start a cooking blog and make money.

However, there is really only one main difference between just learning how to start a cooking blog and learning how to start a cooking blog and make money. Nevertheless, let’s get started with how to start a cooking blog.

1. Decisions

First, decide if starting a cooking blog is what you want to do. A cooking blog demonstrates or shows individuals how to prepare a dish or meal. It is not the same as starting a recipe blog or a basic food blog.

Second, decide how you will provide your instructions. Are you going to use videos or photography with highly detailed step by step written instructions? If this keeps your interest, great! You may be on the right page. However, if this is not what you have in mind to do, you might want to read How to Start a Food Blog or How to Start a Recipe Blog.

Third, decide on an audience. Do you want a fancy cooking blog or a simple everyday cooking blog? Assess your cooking utensils and decide what approach you will use to start your blog. Either one works, but it will help determine the audience you get and how to monetize (make money) your blog.

2. Research

This step is most important if you are learning how to start a cooking blog and make money. Let me explain how research makes a difference. When you research, you are able to determine what people are already looking for. In fact, you can determine how many people are looking for it and how many people are already trying to market themselves to these individuals. In business, this is called finding your target market and analyzing the competition.

Once a cooking blog gains some popularity, you can do more “freestyle” cooking recipes because you will already have an audience. However, good image-based marketing can also create an audience for your particular cooking style. You can learn how to start a successful blog by enrolling in The Art of Blogging Course.

3. Things You Will Need

A cooking blog will need onsite pictures. It will be tricky finding step by step pictures of things you have cooked unless you take them. Therefore, you will need a camera and good lighting. If you are really serious about learning how to start a cooking blog and make money, you want everything to look as professional as possible. Therefore, you should pay attention to the lighting and the presentation of your food. And a few well-used props are not out of the question.

This one is a bit more obvious, but you will also need food and other ingredients to start a food blog. So, consider this if you are on a budget. Otherwise, just adjust your grocery list for things you will need to start your cooking blog.

4. The Process

  1. Decide on your blog topic, name, and audience.
  2. Research to find your target market (in business, this is the first step)
  3. Get the needed supplies including food, cooking utensils, and a camera as needed.
  4. Take pictures or videos at each step of the cooking recipe process. Take notes if needed.
  5. Get ready to write your first cooking blog
  6. Get your cooking blog online.

5. Writing

If you are an individual that wants to know how to start a cooking blog and make money, you should read this article first. If not, just start writing and adding your pictures at each step. Then, take the next step to get it online!

6. Get It Online

Now, that you have learned how to start a cooking blog, let’s get you online! Just go to and follow the simple 4 step launch process. However, if you are interested in learning how to start a cooking blog and make money, go to to launch your blog.

7. Monetizing 

This is the part that will explain how to start a cooking blog and make money. Essentially, you have two options. One option is to research to see what people want. Then, to gain an audience or potential customer base, give them what they are looking for. And secondly, you can market yourself really well and create your own market. Just realize that you will lose out on some of the already existing markets.

Regardless, keep in mind that your content should be relevant and valuable to them for two reasons.

First, you want them to subscribe and visit your blog over and over again. And secondly, it builds their trust in you. So, at first, your main goal is to build an audience that trusts your cooking recipes and ideas. Establish a proven track record of expertise in whatever niche cooking blog you decide to start. In this way, you will have a marketable audience.

Now, all you need is a product. You can learn the different ways to monetize your blog here. Or, you can read 25 Ways to Make Money Online for more specific idea generation. Thanks for reading How to Start a Cooking Blog and Make Money, please leave a comment below.


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