Learn How to Start a Blog

There are different ways to learn how to start a blog. In the beginning, I learned the hard way. I tried and failed at starting many blogs! Then, I finally learned how to start a blog the right way. Therefore, you will learn how to start a blog the right way! First, you must realize that starting a blog is not the same thing as launching a blog. There are blog platforms galore. Using 5 steps, you will learn how to start and launch a WordPress blog.

The Quick Start Guide:

  1. Pick a Platform (WordPress or StudioPress)

5 Steps Process

1. The Concept – “The Big Idea”

If you already have an idea, wonderful! Otherwise, the first step to starting a blog is to come up with your “big idea.” This idea will be the main topic of your blog. Therefore, make sure that the topic is broad enough to build numerous pages of content. Yet, concise enough to build a specific audience or area of interest. Whatever the idea may be, make sure that it keeps your interests.

For example, a person could start a “tree” blog. There are several hundred if not thousands of trees to write about. However, it would be more difficult to expand a “black walnut trees in Texas” blog. Your content options will be limited in comparison to “tree.” Nevertheless, if you are the owner of a black walnut tree farm in Texas, this would be an awesome topic for you!

A second thing to consider is the different kinds of blogs. Determine your main goal. Decide if you want to start an information, event, product, affiliate, service, or personal blog. Then, decide if you want to monetize the blog in some way. If you intend to sell something on your blog, consider your options before finalizing the blog topic.

For example, if you have already written a book called “Chocolate Recipe Book,” figure out if and how you can expand on this.

2. Research – Topics & Monetization

After deciding on a topic, research to see how you can develop the topic. You will need numerous, yet specific topics to write about. Then, if you intend to create an income from the blog, investigate your options.

Again, using the “Chocolate Recipe Book” as an example, you can first see how many people want a chocolate recipe book. Then you can learn how many people look for “chocolate websites” or blogs. Next, research your blog’s category or menu options. You could use cakes, fruits, nuts, bars, and drinks for your categories. Then start adding different chocolate cake recipes under “cakes” category. Or add how to prepare chocolate covered strawberries to your “fruits” category.

Similarly, you would want to research products you can offer your visitors. Will you continue to make new recipe books? Or do you want to earn a commission for referring customers to buy a new pan or dish that you used to make the cake or dip the strawberries? Simply include a section on your blog for specific kitchen product reviews that you like and use. Read: Let Your Blog Work For You! 25 Ways to Make Money Online!

3. Planning Your Page

Decide on at least five categories for your page. Then find at least five different topics that you can write about for each category. You can start one category or multiple categories at once. However, search engines often favor specific content areas on newer websites. This will let the search engines know how to direct traffic.

Figure out the best way to promote your blog. Then, set up a few social media accounts that are related to your topic. If you have gorgeous pictures of chocolate cakes and fudge bars, Pinterest and Instagram may be a great place for you to start. However, you can also promote your website using search engine optimization, email campaign marketing, paid advertisements, and other social media platforms.

Lastly, research and purchase a domain (URL) name for your blog! When possible, keep it short and simple. After all, you want people to remember your blog name and come back!

4. Content Writing

Pick one of your researched topics and start writing. Each topic should be at least 300 words. If you are in a highly competitive topic area or industry, you will have to keep up with the competition. Therefore, you may need more content written on each page. So, peruse similar websites, but do not panic. It takes time to build an active blog. Nevertheless, you can relax! Let us do some of the work for you!

5. Launch Your Platform

When you are ready, launch either a StudioPress or WordPress blog. For WordPress, you can choose either a blog, a website, a portfolio, or an online store site. In addition, you will have to select a domain name. If you intend to market and monetize your blog, you will need your own domain name. The free subdomain sites are not marketable in more ways than one.

However, if you are interested in becoming a professional blogger, StudioPress is also a great option for you. They use the WordPress platform, but it their websites are faster and theme options are professional. However, you will still have to learn the ropes of blogging. Therefore, you can enroll in The Art of Blogging Course to help keep your blog moving the right direction.

Are you still not sure how to start a blog?

No worries! In this post, you have learned the basics of how to start a blog. However, you can learn more online in our “How to Start a Blog” eCourse. You can download a free workbook. Kreatif Solutions subscribers will receive a pre-launch course discount and extra bonuses!

The Art of Blogging Course:

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  3. Instructs you how to build a list.
  4. Teaches email marketing techniques.
  5. Lists social media marketing options.
  6. Teaches basic Google Analytics.
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