How to Start a Blog for my Business?

So, you want an answer to the question, how to start a blog for my business? First of all, congratulations! You are on the right track! How? You are researching how to start a blog for your traditional business!

This blog post is written under the assumption that you have and run a traditional business. Therefore, you will already have a main topic in which to focus your blog. However, if you are looking to start an online business to use as a primary source of income, you should navigate to this blog post. Be sure to download the “How to Start a Blog eBook” for more details.

To continue, let’s dig into the topic of “how to start a blog for my business.” Starting a business blog is similar to starting other blogs. However, you have one less step to take because you already have the main topic for your blog. Therefore, let’s get started.

The 5 Steps

1. Determine Your Goal

The main goal of a traditional business blog is to increase and enhance your current business. To do this, you must market to current customers and potential new customers. Therefore, you must cater to things in which your ideal customer is searching. In this way, when potential customers use a search engine to search for things you provide they may learn about your business.

2. The Main Topic

One of the first steps required to start a blog is to come up with a main blog topic. Since you are starting a business blog, your primary topic will be closely related to the business that you own. Therefore, if you own a hair salon, you will want your blog to be primarily about hair. If you are a podiatrist, your blog will need to be about feet. Likewise, a restaurant owner’s blog will need to be about food and entertainment.

3. Monetization Strategy

Depending on many factors, you can decide whether or not you want to monetize your business blog. Consider some of the business-related pros and cons. I’ll provide a dramatic example. A cardiology doctors office would not want to start a blog that promotes fashion. It would cause a drastic shift in their credibility as a doctor. On the other hand, a podiatrist blog could market a special orthopedic shoe that may enhance his credibility and experience in their industry. Then too, if you decide to monetize your blog, determine if you want to market products to customers or to industry professionals. And lastly, decide what kind of product or service you are willing to provide on the blog.

4. Determine the Best Topics & Categories

Base upon your business, choose at least a few broad categories that current customers and potential customers will be interested. However, I’ll digress slightly and repeat the implied importance of doing research. Therefore, hiring someone to do your research is beneficial to your blog’s success. As a business owner, another option is to hire someone to start and maintain the blog for you.

5. Start Writing

After choosing your categories and topics, you can start writing. Therefore, you will have your first post ready to post on your new business blog. In addition, as you write, you will come up with more writing topic ideas. In this way, you can keep coming up with new things to write about. However, you must stick to the main topic of your business.

6. Launch the Platform

Launching the blog is the next step! You can start a business blog only or add it to a business website. For business professionals, my first recommendation is StudioPress. StudioPress is streamlined for online business professionals. Therefore, the speed of your website will be faster and your selection of themes are for professionals.

This ends the topic – How to Start a Blog for My Business

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