How to Start a Blog as a Teenager?

First of all, congratulations for asking, how to start a blog as a teenager! It’s awesome that you are thinking ahead and researching what needs to be done. A serious blogger has to research often, so you are on the right track.

A blog can be used for many things including starting a travel, fashion, food, health, or book review blog. Another option is to start a niche blog to educate others about a subject you know well.

However, let’s start with the basics…

1. Get Your Parent’s Permission
2. Find An Appropriate Subject to Talk About
3. Remember That Everything You Publish Online Can Be Seen By Everyone
4. Be Consistent & Market
5. Enroll In The Art of Blogging Course

1. Get Your Parent’s Permission

Learning how to start a blog as a teenager requires that you get your parents permission. Therefore, keep them informed about your ideas and plans for your blog. In fact, they may be able to help you come up with a really good idea for your blog!

Hopefully they will also tell others about your blog to increase the size of your audience. Getting your parents permission can also be beneficial when you launch your blog with it’s own domain name. There is typically a small fee required to do so.

2. Find A Subject to Talk About

As a teenager, find an appropriate subject to talk about that others already want to know about. In this way, you just have to put your blog in front of an existing audience. Otherwise you will have to try to get people interested in your blog.

You can download a copy of The Business Planning Guide to Start a Successful Blog to get an overview of how to start an online blog business. In addition, you can read this book to learn how to make an income online with a blog.

3. Publishing Online

Publishing online is not like writing a paper for school or posting a picture on your Facebook page. First of all, writing to publish online requires you to write for both your audience and search engines. Second, social media typically allow you to choose who can “friend” or “follow” you.

However, a blog is generally not published in this way. Therefore, when you publish a blog the entire world can see it. But, there are ways to make your blog private.

4. Be Consistent & Market

The actual act of starting a blog is simple! However, the trick is staying motivated to keep it going. Having an audience that read and comment on your blog can be exciting. Therefore, you can use social media to start the blog marketing process.

5. Enroll In The Art of Blogging Course

Learning how to start a blog as a teenager is a great time to start learning how to become a blogger. Blogging is fun and it can be a very valuable tool to have and use. With your parents permission, you can continue learning how to start a blog in The Art of Blogging Course.

Concluding Thoughts

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