How to Manage a Blog

If you have a blog and just realized that you need to learn how to manage a blog, congrats! This means that you have recognized a problem. Therefore, you can fix the problem! This blog post will help you learn how to manage a blog! On the other hand, if you have not started a blog, and yet researching how to manage a blog, kudos! You are really on the right track and in the right place! Learning how to manage a blog is the difference between continuing and not continuing.

A blog is a lot of work. Especially, when you are not organized. Once you learn how to start a blog, you realize that there is a bit more to it than you once thought. However, you can learn how to keep it going. All you need is an organized plan of action that works well for you and your blog.

This blog post is actually a quick-start guide for bloggers enrolled in “How to Manage a Blog Course.” It provides an overview of the basic things needed to keep a blog up and running. The QuickStart Workbook is available to everyone. However, the free printer-friendly version is included with the How to Manage a Blog Course. If you are enrolled, the download link is provided in the course.

Quick-Start Tips For Getting Started

1. Write

You should realize that a blog is mostly research and writing. Therefore, to manage a blog well, you must stay on topic and pick the right tone for your intended audience. The way you write your blog will determine your audience. Therefore, try to be consistent with your writing tone.

2. Post

Every blog and blogger are different. Therefore, you will have to decide how often you will write a new blog post. Initially, the more blogs that you can post, the better. However, some of you all will not be able to post a new blog every day. You can post once a week or even once a month. The main goal is to be consistent with your audience.

3. Monetize

A blog is an advertisement medium. Therefore, a blog post can be monetized. You can sell your own products or refer viewers to someone else’s product.

4. Market

Once you have written the post and posted the post, it is now time to market the blog post. There are 3 main ways to market a blog.

  1. SEO
  2. Social Media
  3. Email Marketing

5. Repeat

You will learn more in the online “How to Manage a Blog Course!” This is a quick-start guide to learning how to manage a blog. If you are in “The Art of Blogging Course” please leave a comment. If you are already blogging, share your ideas on How to Manage a Blog.


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