How to Manage a Blog Course

Learning how to manage a blog is a skill that must become an art for bloggers. Therefore, the “How to Manage a Blog Course” is designed to get your paintbrush wet. Just be consistent and persistent with your blogging. And as a result, you will be painting before you know it!

How to Manage a Blog Course1: How to Manage a Blog (Overview)

The quick-start guide to learning how to manage a blog paints the big picture of blogging. This is part of the course material. Therefore, take time to check it out! You will be glad that you did. And please leave a review in the comments.

How to Manage a Blog Course 2: Blog Writing Management

You have learned how to write a blog, now let’s learn how to manage a blog! By now, you have likely noticed that there are many steps involved with writing a blog post. Therefore, this section will lay out the basic steps for you to get organized.

How to Manage a Blog Course 3Monetizing Your Blog

The methods of monetization are categories into six main ways to make money online. Then a chart is provided to help you narrow down your monetization options to meet your blog goal. In addition, you will be provided with an opportunity to learn 25 Ways to Make Money Online!

How to Manage a Blog Course 4: Blog Post Management 

Once you complete the researching, writing, and posting, it is time to manage and market your blog post. This process is less brain intense but is equally as important to learn how to write a blog post well. In fact, it determines if anyone will see all your hard work.

How to Manage a Blog Course 5: Register Blog With Google

This lesson teaches you how to register your blog with search engines. Ultimately, this is an essential first step to marketing a blog. Registering your blog notifies search engines to crawl your site. This process captures needed information for indexing your blog so that it can be shown in search engine results pages (SERPs). It also provides some useful site information.

How to Manage a Blog Course 6: Register for Google Analytics

This lesson teaches you how to register for Google Analytics and add the necessary plugin. In this way, you get to review pertinent website data and monitors your blog’s overall health. This is a key aspect of learning how to manage a blog. However, the finer details are discussed in another course.

This ends – How to Manage a Blog Course