How to Launch a Blog?

Learning how to launch a blog is basically a matter of choosing a platform or a domain. This lesson will help you choose a domain name and blogging platform. However, your hosting options must be considered as well.

Picking a Platform

WordPress is one of the best blogging platforms available! And you can use the WordPress platform with various hosting companies. Therefore, the decision becomes a matter of choosing the best hosting company for your needs. At, you can launch your blog for free.

Another perk of using is that you will have a community in which to start marketing your blog. In fact, their platforms come pre-installed with a lot of things. As a beginner, this is great because you can just launch and start posting content on your blog. However, with time, you can upgrade based on a variety of things.

I have enjoyed starting free WordPress blogs. In this way, I can take my time building some of my blog content on the backend. Then, when I am ready to publish content I upgrade to a paid plan.

A serious blogger should not keep the free blogging platform. First, it will have unrelated ads displayed on your blog. Then, having your own domain name, not a subdomain will improve your credibility. And as a result, having your own domain will give you the freedom to market your blog well.

Subdomain: {This is not a marketable blog!}

Get Your Own Domain:

{Choose a domain name that is relevant to your main blog topic}

Choosing a Domain Name

Choose a domain name based on your main blog topic.  For example, if your blog is about primary colors, then your domain name should be something similar. Ultimately, your domain name becomes the name of your blog. The domain is your blogs internet “address.” Therefore, you want it to be easy to remember. However, if you are not familiar with domain names, you can click here to read more.

Picking the site you need.

Once you click to launch your blog, you will be prompted to get started. At some point, you will be asked to choose a domain name as previously discussed. In addition, you will be given some site options. There will be a list of options for you to choose. Changes are made often, but some of these options are briefly mentioned in the WordPress Quick-Start Guide.

WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugins are awesome tools to help make your blog work better. If you sign-up for a free blog, it will come pre-installed with the JetPack plugin. However, you will not be able to add additional plugins to the free plan. A Business Plan with WordPress will allow you to add additional plugins as needed. If you already have a hosted WordPress blog, you can install these plugins for a new blog.

Professional Option…

You can also learn how to launch a blog with StudioPress. Their WordPress blogs are designed to be lightweight and search engine friendly. In addition, you can purchase professional looking themes that do not have extra things that you do not need or want. You can click here to learn how to launch a blog with StudioPress. However, this course will be based on the platform.