How to Choose a Domain Name?

How to Choose a Domain Name? Once upon a time, knowing how to choose a domain name was a no-brainer. The only option was to select a “.com” and call it a day. Now there are .com’s, .edu’s, .org’s, .travel’s, .me’s, and .us’s to mention only a few!

Nevertheless, in the United States, the most popular choice for a blog is still dot com. The main reason is that this is what people tend to remember. However, there are exceptions to this statement. Therefore, you do not have to select a domain name ending with dot com.

Organizations often use dot org successfully. However, you can choose whatever “dot” you’d like. Just keep in mind that you will have to brand yourself with the unique address ending.

One positive result of selecting a different “dot” ending is that you will have a better chance of getting the domain name that you want.

What is a domain name?

A domain name is a website address. It is the address that you type into a search engine to find a specific page on the World Wide Web or Internet. Therefore, when you purchase a domain name for your blog or website, you are selecting your internet address.

A domain name is also called a web address, link or URL (Uniform Resource Identifier). A URL is defined as a reference to a specific resource on the internet.

For example, is the Kreatif Solutions domain name or URL. Therefore, when you enter the domain name in a search engine like Google or Bing, it will direct you to this website’s homepage – Kreatif Solutions.

How to Choose a Domain Name?

The list below provides instruction on how to choose a domain name. However, your domain name can be whatever you want it to be. Therefore, you can be “kreatif” when choosing your domain name.

5 Steps to Choosing a Domain Name

  1. Know the main topic of your website or blog.
  2. Decide what “dot” or ending you want.
  3. The goal is to select something short and sweet.
    1. Short – so it can be remembered.
    2. Sweet – make it tasteful and welcoming.
  4. Choose a name that relates to the topic of your blog.
  5. When choosing a domain name for an existing business, company, or organization, use the same name or a familiar abbreviation of the name.

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