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Looking to hire a Website Designer? You are in the right place! Kreatif Solutions is a website design company. We cater to a variety of business owners that are looking to hire website designer talent! We take pride in providing good customer service. Therefore, YOU can relax and let US do the work!

We develop websites that are easy to navigate. They are fully responsive website designs. Therefore, your website’s design will look good on desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets! The website designer can include an SEO landing page, social media links, profiles, contact us, blogs, subscribe boxes, and more. Once you hire website designer talent, you can decide exactly what you want to include.

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3-Step Web Design Process

The website design process takes place in three phases. First, we start with your design concept. Next, we plan your website layout. And then, we design it!

1. Design Concept

A website represents your product, company, or brand. Therefore, you can describe how you want the website to look. You can describe your ideal website design as understated or bold, classic or elegant, elaborate or simple. One design customer described the “feel” of her design as being “bold, but not frilly” and said to “think Vogue.” The design concept phase provides an opportunity for you to help the web designer visualize what YOU have in mind.

2. Website Layout Plan

Your designer will continue to interview and consult with you. During this time, menu items, pages, images, and content requirements are discussed. This is when Kréatif Solutions experts turn your concept into a workable plan of action. When you hire a website designer, they will share your customized website layout plan. Therefore, you can expect the layout to be a mixture of your design ideas and our website design expertise.

3. Website Design Stages

Once the website design project begins, we keep you involved with the project. Therefore, at various design stages, you will have to approve aspects of the design. Your approval is necessary before we move to the next website design stage. Designing a website is an exciting process! So remember to consider a few things before you hire a website designer.

Hire Website Designer

When You Hire a Website Designer

Hire Website Designer

1. Some website designers will require a contract.

If you do not know how to design, edit, and monitor your own website, a contract is actually a nice perk. Once someone starts a website design, it can be challenging for another designer to pick up where the other left off. Because of this, if you decide to take ownership of your site, you will have to figure things out for yourself. You could always hire another designer, but it may be at a steeper rate since they will have to study what the other designer has already done before determining if they can proceed with caution.

2. Determine if the website designer requires a contract.

Kreatif Solutions does not require a long-term contract. Nevertheless, every website must have a host. If you are not familiar hosting, please read more about this under frequently asked questions.

3. Decide if you need web hosting only or additional services.

Kreatif Solutions offer five different web hosting plans. The plans include a combination of hosting, maintenance, and design services. To start, our economic hosting plan includes hosting only. Next, there is an intermediate maintenance plan which includes hosting, monitoring, and updating the backend of your website. And lastly, the remaining plans include front-end web design, edits, and basic graphic design services.

4. The difference between web hosting and web hosting services.

The differences between the two are simple. Web hosting includes a piece of online property. You park your website on this property. With a web hosting plan, you take complete ownership of your website. Therefore, you will perform all of the necessary website updates. On the other hand, web hosting services can include maintenance, design, edits, and basic graphic design work. Kreatif Solutions web hosting services can keep your website looking fresh and up to date.

Hire Website Designer

5. Know what your web hosting services provide.

Kreatif Solutions web host service has a 99.9% uptime and are available to us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have five different web hosting plans and services.  As a service provider, if your website encounters a host-related issue, we will resolve the matter for you. In addition, most of our service plans include website security maintenance, back-end updates, review comments, and remove things that slow down your website. So, our web host services oversee hosting, back-end requirements, and front-end updates.

6.  Know the difference between a website designer and a website developer.

Kreatif Solutions is a website design company. There are multiple benefits to hiring a website designer. When you hire a web designer, they focus on usability and visual elements. We provide lower cost, faster service, and high-quality designs.Therefore, designers often use a content management system like WordPress. As a result, the designer can focus on the website design. On the other hand, a web developer creates each component of the website using codes. Therefore, a developer can be expensive and require more time to complete. A website designer creates beautiful, functional, and responsive websites.

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Hire Website Designer