Guest Blogging Services: 5 Things to Should Know

Guest blogging services can be an excellent way to build your blogs search engine ranking. However, before jumping in, there are several things to watch out for. In this way, you can avoid being penalized by search engines. Once the damage is done, it can be almost impossible to fix well.

Guest Blogging Services

There are several guest blogging services on the web. However, I recommend using a freelance writer to do the work for you. In this way, you remain in control of your content. You will know what is being posted and where it is being posted.

You can hire a virtual assistant on for your guest post. Just go to “Writings & Translations” and then “Articles and Blog Posts”. Once you get the article, you can review, edit, and submit your own content based on guest blogging guidelines. Otherwise, please make sure that your guest blogging services are credible.

If you are using guest blogging services, be sure that they provide quality guest blogging services. Verify that your content has not been plagiarized or nearly plagiarized from another blog. The search engine robots can detect mild copycat practices. If detected, your blog will be penalized by search engines.

Similarly, if you are using guest blogging services, make sure they do not have bad backlinking practices. This too can be very devastating to your search engine optimization results. You do not want to aggravate the Google Panda, Penguin, or Hummingbird. Yes, this is real.

Guest Blogging Guidelines

The guest blogging guidelines will vary depending on the guest blogging services used. Therefore, learn what their guest blogging guidelines are for a guest blogging service before agreeing to pay for their services. And if you decide to do your own guest blogging, check the guest blogging guidelines before writing or paying any fees. You can read our guest blogging guidelines here.

Guest Blogging Tips

Guest blogging tips are listed below. These guest blogging tips can be used when performing your own guest blogging. However, these are the same guest blogging “tips” that should be followed by reputable guest blogging services.

#1 Choose a blog that is relevant to your niche or industry.

#2 Select a blog with a proven known track record.

#3 Provide high-quality search engine optimized content.

#4 Include working links back to your blog on your guest blog post.

#5 Make sure that paid guest blogging services are trustworthy.

Top Guest Blogging Sites 

Some of the top guest blogging sites are BlogDash, Guestr, QualityGuestposts, GroupHigh, GuestBloggingServices, MyGuestBlog, and TheHoth.

Paid Guest Blogging

Many extremely popular websites offer paid guest blogging. Paid guest blogging is okay, but the cost can add up. In fact, I encountered one site with guidelines that did not allow links back to your own blog. That was an interesting experience. Why would I pay to write content for their blog and get no links back to my blog? If you know the answer for this, please share it with me in a comment below.

Instead of using paid guest blogging services, find great online forums that are related to your blog topic. Then, start posting great comments. This can be done while using a guest blogging services.

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