What is web hosting?

Web hosting provides you with a place to put your website online. The location of the website is found by using your domain name.

Where is my website hosted?

Your website is housed with a very reliable web hosting company. The company owns and manages its own servers. Therefore, security and monitoring are in place 24/7/365.

What type of server does Kreatif Solutions use?

We currently use a reliable, shared server with an average up-time of 99.99%.

How often is my website backed up?

Kreatif Solutions websites are backed up hourly. Therefore, a complete site restore can take place in an hour.

How much does Kreatif Solutions web hosting services cost?

It depends on the plan you select. However, the Basic web hosting plan includes:

  • Back-end Host Monitoring
  • Required Back-end Updates
  • Security Fixes
  • Spam Comment Monitoring
  • Google Analytics Monitoring
  • Subscriber Monitoring

The basic monthly plan fee is $75. The economy plan is $25 per month. However, we have a variety of host, maintenance, design, and development service options.

How are web hosting service fees paid?

We require customers to enroll in an automatic monthly payment plan via PayPal. However, website hosting services do not require a contract.

Are front-end website changes included with the cost of my hosting?

Review the service option that you have selected. Design service plans include front-end website changes. However, the “Economy” and “Basic” hosting plans do not. As a result, customers enrolled in an economy or basic plan are billed a minimum of $25 for requested front-end changes. Requested web site work starts at $75 per hour. Once website changes are underway, we bill in 15 minute increments. Nevertheless, the remaining plans include front-end website changes at a monthly rate.

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