FAQ – SEO Content Writing

What is SEO content creation?

Content creation that will be used online needs to be search engine optimized. SEO content will appear for users that are looking for what you have, sell, or offer. Without SEO, you will have to spend a huge amount of money on paid marketing and advertising. This method will only get you a relatively few visitors on your website. SEO content require more work, time, and research, but the benefits are no match.

How do I know what kind of SEO content I will need?

Basically, you will need content that is relevant to your company website. If you are a dentist, you would not write post about being a cosmetologist or a chef. You would write about dental health and wellness. But the trick to providing SEO content would be knowing what your ideal patients are looking to learn about the dentist services that you provide. This is where search engine optimized content creation is needed.

Which one of my web pages will need SEO?

In short, all of them. SEO content can be created for product descriptions, service descriptions, company profiles, blog posts and other relevant website pages. Of course, this requires SEO knowledge.

Who comes up with my website topics/titles?

You are welcome to provide us with your website topics, titles, and content. However, if you want SEO content, we will perform research for relevant search engine topics and titles before writing the creating content.

How much does Kreatif Solutions charge for writing SEO content?

SEO does not occur on Google or other search engines immediately. It is a process that takes time depending on many variables including the competitiveness of the industry. If you are in an extremely competitive industry it could take several months before you start getting a significant amount of organic traffic on your website.

However, setting up your website to get free marketing is priceless! Even if it takes a while before you see significant results. Kreatif Solutions charge by the hour and by the project for SEO content. Content that is created while designing the website will pay a discounted project charge of $100/per hour. Once the project has been completed, additional page writing requests are charged at an hourly rate of $125/hr. Estimate completion times are provided at the time of consult. SEO is not an easy or simple task, therefore having a SEO writer is very beneficial.