So, you want to know the difference between blog and website. Excellent question! Technically, a blog and a website are both websites. However, the terms indicate different things. Therefore, let us clarify the difference between blog and website. They are not simply a play on terms.

The Difference Between Blog and Website

Let’s start with the term, blog. When you hear the word “blog”, you should think something that is dynamic. A blog provides fresh new information and updates content regularly. Therefore, when a person visits a blog, they expect to see something new. In this way, you keep them posted. In fact, a blog page or article is referred to as a “post”. You can learn how to start a blog here.

A blog is typically written by individuals. However, blogs are also associated with businesses. One unique difference between blog and website is that blogs start small with one post at a time. While a website launches with all pages ready for an audience to view.

A website is static. Therefore, when you visit a website, its content remains the same. You know exactly where to find what you are looking for on the website. However, this is not to say that website pages cannot be updated or added. Pages are added only as the need arise. Once all the needed content has been added to a website, it remains the same.

However, most websites also have blogs. For example, if you own a traditional business, you can start a blog for marketing. In this way, your website will have all the business-related details about your products, services, location, and contact information. While your blog entertains and informs customers while promoting your company products and services.

Interestingly, a blog can also sell products and services. However, subtler marketing techniques are used. Therefore, the difference between blog and website is hard to distinguish.

How to Distinguish Them…

To summarize, a blog is a dynamic marketing tool. Therefore, it can be used alone or along with a website. A website has content on fixed pages. Meaning, it does not constantly look for new things to add. An online store is a website. Once you display your products online, you leave them until you have a new product to add. However, you do not need to add new products every day.

Now that you know the difference blog and website, you can launch your blog by clicking here.

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