Company Benefits:

Thank you for visiting our company benefits page. We are a small business with unique company perks. This page provides a list of company benefits offered by Kreatif Solutions. Therefore, we invite you to take time to view some of our company discounts and company perks. We provide company benefits to local  U.S. employees and blog interns.


Company discounts cannot be combined with other sales, offers, or promotions. Therefore, Kreatif Solutions affiliates are not allowed to self-refer  and use company discounts. Discounts are subject to change without prior notice.

Website Design 

15% Off Website Design

Graphic Design

20% Off Graphic Design

The Art of Blogging Course 

50% All Courses except The Complete Blogging Guide.


25% off eBooks


The Kreatif Solutions company perks are provided by some of its sponsors. Please visit their sites to order products, leave comments, and post reviews.

5% Off Orders that are $25 or more (U.S. Residents ONLY)

Lynese’s Bath Products, LLC


Free access to Low Carb Magazine.

(must be 18 or older)

Low Carb Diet Life

**Interns are eligible for company benefits after completing 20 intern hours in a single week.**