Choosing a Blog Topic

This lesson is about choosing a blog topic and main categories. Now that you have come up with a few blog ideas, it is time to research them. We know that you are interested in your blog ideas. Now you must determine if others are interested in your topic as well.

Things to Consider When Making Your Selection

1. Your level of interest and or knowledge on the subject.

When choosing a blog topic, determine how much research will be required for you to build a blog. Stop and think about the extra time and effort needed to research each blog topic before you can start writing. Can you easily write most of your blog post with minimal effort or will you have to invest a lot more time into research? In other words, what is your level of expertise?

2.The number of people interested in your blog topic.

The next thing to consider when choosing a blog topic is your audience. Based on the research you have done, is your blog topic audience large enough to market your blog?

3. Is the blog topic one that can be monetized to reach your goal.

This part of choosing a blog topic depends on two things. First, determine what you can eventually market or sell with the blog topic you have selected. Then, consider how large of an audience you will need. And finally, determine how many people you will have to compete with.

4. The number of people in which you will have to compete.

The final part of choosing a blog topic is evaluating the competition. Decide if you can compete in the industry or not. Every industry is different, therefore, you must research your industry or niche.

5. The ultimate goal is to have a familiar topic, a large audience, and limited competition.

Keep in mind that choosing a blog topic is a circular process, not a step-by-step process. Let me explain.

If after choosing a blog topic, you discover that there is not a large enough audience, you may need to choose a different topic. Then, after choosing another blog topic, you find a huge audience, but the competition is really stiff. Once again, you will have to decide whether or not you want to choose another topic.

Selecting Categories (Subtopics)

Once you have researched and selected your main blog topic, it is time to decide which categories you want or need on your blog. Again, this requires research. Each category should fall within the scope of your main blog topic. However, each category should be broad enough to include several articles.

Topic and Categories Example:

For simplicity, let’s assume that your main blog topic is “PRIMARY COLORS.” Based on your topic, the categories will likely have to be red, yellow, and blue. Your categories will appear in the menu of your blog.

Category (Menu) Example

Red        Yellow        Blue       Contact        About

This is a simplified example. Therefore, choosing a blog topic may become a bit more complex.