Blogging for Money

If you intend to start blogging for money, the first thing you will need is a strategy. Starting a new blog does not follow the old adage, “build it and people will come”. Nope! In fact, even if people come, the majority will leave without completing a sales transaction.

Therefore, your blog must provide its readers with real value. Then, they will want to come back! When a person is just blogging for money, sometimes it shows. If your readers can perceive that they are being “sold” they may move on and not come back. 

Nevertheless, you will have to market yourself well, it just requires a careful balance. In fact, the “careful balance” will depend on the industry in which you decide to start blogging. Another will depend on your credibility in the industry.

For example, a doctor could easily start a health blog and sell something that claims to improve a health condition. Because their credentials as a medical professional build trust and provides credibility. The same could be true for a personal trainer that starts a fitness blog and sell protein bars etc.

The doctor and personal trainer give free personal advice building relationships with readers. Then when they make a recommendation about a new product within their area of expertise, a percentage of their readers may complete a purchase. However, the rest of this post will assume that you are not an expert in the industry you choose.

The Big Picture 

1.View Your Blog As a Real Business

Business is defined as, the practice of making one’s living by engaging in commerce. Therefore, if you are blogging for money, you are starting a business! So, treat blogging like you would treat a new offline business. There are goals to be set and decisions to be made. So, you will have to stick with it and learn what needs to be learned.

2. Provide Something of Value

Therefore, you must provide your potential customers with something they need or want. And as a result, they will pay you for your product, service and/or advice.

3. Enhance Your Credibility 

When starting a new blog, you must build credibility. Therefore, when venturing into a relatively new arena, do lots of content and video research. Endeavor to learn as much as you can about the topic. Take some notes. In this way, you can learn while building credibility in your industry.

4. Build Your Readers’ Trust

Trust is another factor. Although similar in nature, they are different. Let’s use an example. 

The owner of a premium yard maintenance company decides to start a local blog about yard maintenance. As a result, he gets many readers and potential customers. In this way, he has built credibility within the local blog community. However, when people stop by his house to request a yard service, they discover that he has no grass and no flowers. Even if the blogger is truly an excellent yard maintenance man, he will likely lose the readers trust. 

Therefore, when using referral marketing techniques to make money blogging, always go check the yard. 

5. Use Strategic Marketing

As stated earlier, when blogging for money, you will have to market yourself. However, resist the urge to spam people. That kind of marketing is outdated and it will land you in “timeout” in the online blog marketing industry. In fact, using the wrong words can get you placed on a penalty timeout. 

In summary, when blogging for money, you learn how to start an online business.

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