Blogging For Beginners Course

Instructor: Lyn  |   Location: Online  |  Day: Any  |  Length: Varies  | Cost: $29

Prerequisite: The blogging for beginners course requires basic computer skills and have regular access to the internet and computer or tablet.

Course Description: The blogging for beginners course is an introduction to The Art of Blogging. Therefore, the course is designed to get your feet wet in the online blogging community. This course outlines requirements for students to start a successful blog. It does so by teaching students the basics of how to write a blog, manage a blog, and market a blog. In this way, you will begin to learn how to write a blog post for search engines. In addition, basic blog management concepts are introduced. Lastly, students enrolled in the blogging for beginners course are introduced to several marketing techniques that are used to increase blog traffic.

Topics That Are Covered:

  • Why Should I Start Blogging?
  • Blogging Tips For New Bloggers
  • Blog Writing Guidelines
  • Using Your Blog to Make Income
  • Organizing & Planning 

blogging for beginners course