Blogging Essentials

Instructor: Lyn  |   Location: Online  |  Days: Any  |  Length: Varies  | Cost: Free

Prerequisites: You must have access to a computer, an email address and your email account.
Course Description: Blogging Essentials is a simple course used to introduce you to the fundamental requirements for starting a blog. The three essential elements of blogging include a platform, a domain, and a host. Therefore, this blogging essentials course will actually guide you through the steps of launching a blog.

The Blog – 101

A blog is the actual content or media that you write and post online. Therefore, when starting a blog, choose a topic that is of interest to you. Pick a topic that is broad enough to keep your interest, but narrow enough to stay focused on one main audience. You can visit Kreatif Solutions Blog to see how blog posts are formatted.

The Platform – 101

The platform is simply the home for your blog. Therefore, you want a platform with a good structure, simple layout, attractively designed, and easy to use. We use and teach students how to use the WordPress Platform. It is one of the most popular and easy to use blogging platforms. The platform is very flexible and easy on the budget to help meet anyone’s blogging goals.

The Domain – 101

The domain name is your home (blog) address. It is how all of your new guest or blog visitors will find your new blog online. Because of this, it is best to choose a domain name that describes your blog and simple enough for people to remember. Kreatif Solutions’ home address or domain name is As a website and graphic design company, we selected a unique domain name that is not too narrow in scope.

The Host – 101

The host provides the land that your new house (blog) will need to get online. Therefore, they are the ones that provide you with a place to park your new house with your new address. There are numerous online hosting companies. Therefore, you can easily make adjustments if your blogging needs change.

The Launch – 101

The launch is what brings everything together! Therefore, it actually puts your new blog online! So, once you launch, everything you publish will be on the world wide web. For simplicity, this course teaches you how to launch an easy platform that brings it all together for you in a step-by-step format. Click the button below, sign-up for a free account, and then follow the instructions provided.