Blog Writing Management 

Learning how to manage your blog writing can be challenging. However, this section is designed to make the blog writing process easier. The main blog writing steps are keyword research, content research, monetizing research, writing, and posting.

1. Keyword Research

You do not have to use keywords. However, they are essential for getting your blog found on the internet. It is not the easiest process to learn. However, using keywords in your blog post will eventually make marketing your website easy.

2. Blog Topic Research

Blog topic research is an alternative method. Instead of learning how to research keywords, you can research what your potential audience will want and need to know about your blog topic. In this way, you formulate each blog post by building on what you know people want. Then, you will have to market each blog post well.

3. Content Research

Once you have a specific blog post idea, you will then have to look for things to write about (content). Simply use a search engine and research the topic you intend to write about. Find what others have written. In this way, you have a sort of guide or self-imposed benchmark.

Next, you will need to take pictures or find appropriate photos. Depending on your blog, you may want to create infographics. You can learn more about finding images and creating infographics on our blogging resources page.

4. Monetizing

If you intend to blog for an added source of income, you will have to find ways to monetize your blog. Remember to provide plenty of valuable information to your audience before you start promoting whatever it is that you decide to sell. Build your audience’s trust first.

5. Writing

You have learned how to write a blog post in an earlier course. Therefore, decide how much time you can dedicate to writing. Then, determine how many blog posts you can reasonably write each day, week, or month. With time, your blog writing speed will improve.

 6. Scheduling/Posting

If you can only write one day per week, write multiple posts on that day. However, instead of posting them all on the same day, schedule them to automatically post on different days. In this way, your blog stays lively, and you can eventually get more attention from search engines.

This ends blog writing management, please leave a comment below.

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Dave Hayes · February 14, 2018 at 10:13 am

There are some very valid points made on this blog, I enjoyed reading it.

Lyn · February 15, 2018 at 7:33 am

Hey Dave,
I am glad you enjoyed reading this post. Learning how to manage a blog can be tricky for beginner bloggers.

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