Basic Blog Strategy Course

Blog strategy is another way of saying goal planning. Therefore, it is a very important first step! The purpose of this lesson is to help you pick a direction for your blog.This lesson will help you decide the kind of blog you should start. Once you complete your blog strategy exercise, you will be able to determine the best way to make money on your blog.

You will need a tablet and a pencil for this course.

What Do I Want?

There are millions of different kinds of blogs that can be started! Therefore, anyone can aimlessly start a blog. However, learning how to start a blog that will help you reach your goal is the goal. Therefore, you must know how you want the blog to end up. There are 3 case studies provided for you to see the point.

Case Study #1 – The Chef

A chef may start a recipe blog. Initially, he may blog about different foods and simple recipes. Later, he can decide to categorize, combine, and photograph some of his best recipes. He can then design and sell different recipe ebooks.

Case Study #2 – The Travel Blogger

An aspiring travel blogger may write sightseeing, restaurant, and tour group reviews for their local area. Over time, they are able to charge a marketing fee for local establishments to advertise their business on the local travel blog.

Case Study #3 – The Nail Blogger

And lastly, a nail blogger decides that she wants to make and sell nail polish to monetize her blog. The young lady starts blending beautiful nail polish colors and places them on her blog for retailing to customers.

The three blogs sound simple enough, right? Well, let’s take a closer look.
What really happened?!…

#1 The chef could end up with a completely automated international digital product business. Since it is automated, his online business can run itself for a period of time. In addition, he can move and travel with no real difficulties or concerns.

#2 Meanwhile, the aspiring traveler just started a local advertising business. Therefore, moving or traveling may have an effect on their blog marketing income. As a result, they will need another income plan before they start traveling full-time.

#3 And lastly, the young nail blogger just started a solo manufacturing and shipping company. She potentially just created a new job for herself. A job that will likely require her to work 40+ hours a week. She can relocate if needed. However, she will need employees to keep the business going if she gets busy.

Can you see how each blogger took their blog a different direction?

Each blog can end up with a different outcome depending on the direction YOU take it. Before you get blinded by the shiny lights on your blog’s dashboard, decide what you want your end result to be.  This is the best blog strategy. To figure out what kind of blog you need, determine why you really want to start a blog. Ask yourself, what problem(s) do I want my blog to alleviate?

Exercise: Determine the End Result

Congratulations! You have just completed the blog strategy course!