Blog Post Management

Blog post management is a brand-new topic. Once you get the hang of writing a blog and the technical aspects of posting a blog, you must learn how to manage your blog posts. Once you make a blog post, there are several things that must be done to make your blog a success. This lesson highlights the basic principals of blog post management. It answers the question, how often should I post a blog and more.

Blog Post Frequency

Your blog post frequency depends mostly on your circumstances. A new blog needs a lot of content to get the blog ranked on search engines. Nevertheless, think quality versus quantity. The worse thing you could do is waste your time writing and posting things that are of no interest to your audience or lacks the needed depth and quality. Therefore, simply determine how often you can research and write a relevant blog post. Then, endeavor to be very consistent. Once you get a routine developed, your blog post frequency will increase. However, still attempt to be predictable for both your developing audience and search engines.


Scheduling is a very useful feature that can be used in the WordPress platform. For whatever reason, you may end up with multiple blog writings in a single day. Instead of changing your blog post frequency, simply use the scheduling feature to post at your normal frequency. However, when you are ready to increase your blog post frequency, you can do so. Once again, the more high-quality post you can make, the better.


Once you complete a new post, you will need to market it well for two main reasons. First, you will not be getting search engine traffic very much at first. And this is true even with researched keywords. Therefore, marketing is the only way your blog will get visitors. However, online marketing techniques will also help you build credibility with search engines.

Link Building

Link building is an important online marketing technique. At first, the easiest way to build links is using a variety of social media accounts. However, I will caution you to select only one at first and learn the dos and don’ts of marketing with them. Then add more accounts when you are ready. Remember that social media accounts are most effective when they are used to provide your potential audience with real value. So, for most social media accounts, you should resist the urge to just post links everywhere without also engaging and commenting.

List Building

Before you start marketing your blog, take time to set up a subscribe box on your blog. In this way, your efforts become more worthwhile. At first, you may not know what to do with the list but capture as many emails as possible. Once you get the list, you can email your new blog post to them. In this way, you have repeat blog visitors. Email marketing is discussed in a later lesson.

This ends the introductory blog post management lesson.

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