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A blog definition must be explained. The term blog is short for “web log”. Initially, people started using blogs to create journal entries for posting on a website. People wrote about their personal thoughts, feelings, and experiences to share on the world-wide web. Essentially, a blog was an online diary. Typically, their blogs were updated daily, monthly, or however they wanted.

So, a blog was and still is a unique website. Therefore, when a person has a blog, you must start blogging. Then, when you start blogging, you become a blogger. And afterwards, you can tell people what you blogged about.

As time progressed, the definition of a blog changed. Currently, a blog can market, teach, entertain, monetize, and create all sorts of things. Therefore, a single blog definition is not possible.

So, here goes nothing…

Marketing Blog Definition

When you use a blog to market, the blog has become an advertising medium. In this way, a blogger can write a blog post to promote a personal website or another online or offline business. Essentially, each page can be used to advertise something or someone. If you use email, you likely get advertisements from large popular companies that may have blogs.

Educational Blog Definition

An educational blog is a teaching tool. Many bloggers will find subjects that other people want to learn about. Then, they write different posts to answer their readers’ questions. In this way, a blog becomes an online classroom that teaches people every time they come to the blog.

Entertainment Blog Definition

A blog used for entertainment is an entertainment platform. This can include a variety of different blog topics. For example, a personal blog is like an entertainment blog. People get to see random things from a person’s personal life and this entertains their viewers. These are often hybrid-styled blogs. They highlight some of their main personal interests like cooking, traveling, or clothing.

A Monetizing Blog Definition

A monetizing blog is a blog that has turned their new asset into an income producing tool. When started and used properly, a blog becomes an income-producing asset. Blogging has actually become a profession. You can learn how to become a blogger by enrolling in The Art of Blogging Course. You will learn blogging for beginners.

The Creative…

To me, a creative blog is a blogger that writes about his or her interests or hobbies. In this way, it becomes an interest blog. In fact, a writer might start a blog simply because they like writing. Then, they may decide to write a book. On the other hand, a cooking enthusiast may start a blog to share some of their food pictures and recipes. Or a fashion designer, may start a blog to write about their ideas on fashion. Ultimately, most blogs will fall into more than one of these blog definition categories.

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