Benefits of Internship: Setting Internship Goals

Increase your benefits of internship by setting internship goals. There are specific ways to set internship goals with Kreatif Solutions. Therefore, the different ways to do so will be discussed. However, we will first list some benefits of internship.

What’s In It For You?

  1. Get Free Job Training
  2. Enhance Your Resume for Work
  3. Help Getting into College
  4. Develop Business Marketing Skills
  5. Receive a Letter of Recommendation
  6. Learn to Work from Home or Anywhere
  7. Get Company Discounts & Perks
  8. Earn Referral Marketing Fees (Get Paid)

The First Step:

First, decide how you want to benefit from this internship. Then, keep in mind that you are not limited to setting one goal. However, it is beneficial to decide on a primary goal and then endeavor to meet the requirements during your internship.

Use the following list to decide:

  1. Work Experience to Get a Job
  2. Letter of Recommendation (Work or College)
  3. Learn Basic Blogging Skills
  4. Earn Some Extra Income (Must Be 18 or Older)
  5. Start Working from Home

The Second Series of Steps:

The second step is to work toward your goal(s) using the following Kreatif Solutions Internship Guidelines. These are suggestions. However, they will help you enjoy and benefit from your internship.

1. Work experience to get a job.

  1. Work 30+ hours per week with us. Most companies require 32 – 40 hours per week to be considered full-time. Working less than 30 hours per week is perfectly okay! However, when adding us to your resume remember that our records will indicate that you worked as a part-time intern.
  2. “Arrive” for work on time. This internship is completely remote, so you do not have to get in the car and drive anywhere. However, you are expected to clock-in and work during your scheduled/requested time.
  3. Take pride in your work. Some tasks are quite simple to complete. But pause to check for typos or other errors. However, feel free to ask questions when you need more instructions for more complex tasks.

2. Letter of recommendation

  1. Communicate well.
  2. Be a reliable person.
  3. Complete assigned tasks.
  4. Take pride in your work.

3. Learn basic blogging skills.

  1. Peruse the “start a blog” and “write a blog” categories on our blog.
  2. Complete the free blogging course(s) provided by The Art of Blogging Course.
  3. Also, ask for help to “Become a Guest Blogger” at Kreatif Solutions.

4. Earn some extra income. 

  1. Refer friends or social media followers to us.
  2. Then, get paid a commission for new customers.

5. Start working from home.

  1. Enroll in the “complete business blogging guide” by The Art of Blogging Course.
  2. Get Organized.
  3. Be Consistent.