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Thank you for checking out how to become a guest blogger. Our guest blogging opportunities can benefit you in multiple ways! First, guest blogging is an excellent way for you to put your blog in front of another blogger’s audience. Second, you can build credibility in whatever niche industry your blog is about. Third, you have an opportunity to build backlinks to your blog. And lastly, it can improve your search engine optimization. Therefore, you can become a guest blogger and market your blog!

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Once your content has been submitted to become a guest blogger, it will be reviewed. Before posting, we reserve the right to make changes as needed to comply with website policy and website optimization.

By submitting a guest blog to become a guest blogger, you are giving us permission to use this content in any positive way on the website. This content may be used or referenced as needed on our website, blog, and course material.


  1. Managing a Blog
  2. Marketing a Blog
  3. Blog Analytics
  4. Blog Conversion
  5. Writing a Blog

Your topic does not have to be overly formal. In fact, it can simply be your opinion about managing a blog. Or how you failed and then succeeded in marketing a blog. Be positive in your approach, but be unique. You can become a guest blogger.


1. Send search-engine optimized content.

Yes, a link is a link. However, the greater marketing opportunity is getting people on the page! Then, your guest blogging can result in referral marketing to your blog. In this way, you can grow the size of your blog audience and increase monetization. It’s not all about the backlink.

2. Writing must be a minimum of 900 words.

You must include one main topic and multiple subtopics. Then, each topic must not contain over 300 words. Your sentences should be short and simple. Use plenty of transition words. Similarly, paragraphs should be kept short, but include at least 3 sentences.

3. Guest blogging requires that you submit unique content.

Therefore, no plagiarism or near plagiarism is allowed. This includes copying similar content from your own website or blog for your guest blog post. This will aggravate the search engine robots and hurt your blog’s performance as well as ours.

4. Make sure that your content is relevant.

Ideally, the content must be relevant to both your blog and our blog. If the content is not relevant, it will not be posted. Posting content that does not relate to your blog, simply to get a link back to your blog will only hurt your search engine ranking.

5. Make sure that you submit high-quality. 

Content that appears to be written just for the sake of getting a backlink will not be posted. Therefore, think about your goal. It is technically an entire page of marketing! As a result, you will either market your blog for the good or for the bad. You cannot become a guest blogger if you submit useless information.  Do not limit your own potential marketing opportunity.

6. Include one backlink to any page on your blog.

A single backlink can be included with our free guest blogging opportunities. However, we do not link back to controversial sites or pages. The link must be included near the bottom of your article. In this way, most of the post can be read before the reader is directed elsewhere.

7. Send one related image for posting.

An image must be submitted with your blog article submission. Therefore, you must send source related information. Send copyright information or include the web link for the image provider. However, we reserve the right to use a different image.

Thanks for reading! This provides you with the guidelines for you to become a guest blogger. Therefore, you can write, review, and submit your guest blog today. As a result, you can become a guest blogger!Become a Guest Blogger