Creative Blog Ideas

There is no end to creative blog ideas! That is because the best blog ideas come from things in which we are interested. Find something you enjoy and you can write for days.

Therefore, you should choose a creative blog idea that interest YOU! If your creative blog idea is not keeping your interest, it will be hard to keep others interested. On the other hand, if you really enjoy the subject, it will show. And as a result, you will gain an audience quickly. Of course, this is assuming that others have an interest in what you blog about as well. Without further ado, lets jump right in.

The List of 20…

  1. Food

There are so many kinds of creative food blog ideas. You can start a paleo, vegan, or vegetarian blog. Or, create a non-alcoholic homemade drinks blog. Another option is to have a Cajun recipe or Creole recipe blog. Create an “Everything Fried”, “Nothing but Cakes”, “Pretty Pies”, “Bottomless Burgers”, or a “My Rice” blog.

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  1. Travel

Travel blogs are a whole lot of fun! This is particularly true if you travel and enjoy writing. You can start with local restaurant reviews and nearby tourist sights. Then, when you are ready to start traveling, your blog will already have an audience.

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  1. Reviews

A review blog can also be a great deal of fun. As mentioned, pick something in which you are already interested. For example, if you dine-out frequently and are a bit of a food critic, start a restaurant review blog. If you enjoy bath and body products, start reviewing bath products. The same can be done for kitchen appliances or gardening tools.

  1. Fitness

If you are a health nut, start a fitness or healthy eating blog. Then, provide a combination of workout plans and food/drink recipes. Another option is to offer food and fitness phone consultations.

  1. Fashion

I am not a huge fashion fan. However, if this is your thing, go for it! I have seen some cute fashion blogs. One lady blogger is a seamstress. Therefore, she writes about what she is going to sew or has sewn. She then poses and photographs the final outfit. This is a unique fashion blog.

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  1. Makeup

To start, you must wear makeup. Then, you must enjoy using creative application techniques. Third, good photography or videos will be required. And lastly, you can include a make-up review section.

  1. Photography

Good photography captures almost everyone. Everyone likes to “Stop And See The Nature.” Those that enjoy photography can use various creative ideas to get started. Use a variety of lenses or filters. Then, describe what was done to get the final picture. You can also sell your images.

  1. Health and Wellness

One of my favorite health and wellness blogs is the Low Carb Diet Life. She started a great simple blog and kept building it. However, there are many other nice health blogs like Wellness Mama.

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  1. Animals

People with pets are always looking for information. You can narrow it down a specific kind of pet. Or right about wild animals. For example, you can write about exotic birds.

  1. Interior Design

Do you enjoy interior design? If so, take nice pictures and write about them. Be unique. Personalize your creative blog ideas to suit you.

  1. Graphic Design

Graphic design is a popular area of interest. If this is your area of expertise, start a graphic art shop. The variations are incredible.

  1. Woodworking

I know nothing about woodwork. However, I am sure that millions of people do. Then, even though I do not know much about woodwork, I find the furniture and art very cool to view and study.

  1. History

The term history is very general. Therefore, be specific about the kind of history blog you choose. You can have an Art History, American History, or Cultural Anthropological History Blog – whatever interests you.

  1. Song/Music

This is another popular interest. However, this could be narrowed down as well. For example, classic, rock, or rhythm and blues could be the main topic. On the other hand, you can use these for your different blog categories.

  1. Writing

If you are a writer, you can write until your heart is content with a writing blog (or any other blog for that matter). Pick a specific subject or have different subject categories. Another option is to teach others how to format poetry, letters, resumes, books, or research papers.

  1. Gardening

If you have a green thumb, share with the rest of us! Good pictures are beneficial for any blog. However, for a gardening blog, a picture is worth a thousand words. But, do not omit the details. Write a post too.

  1. Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts blogs can be designed for adults or kids. Then too, you can narrow the focus to a specific area of art like painting or drawing. And similarly, you can narrow your craft down to crocheting or sewing.

  1. Hair Style

Hair blogs are very cool! I have seen several on Pinterest. Some demonstrate different braiding techniques while others demonstrate various hair colors and styles. You can create one to match your unique hairstyle techniques. You can learn how to start a hair blog on our blog.

  1. Service-Related

Service-related blogs are excellent ideas for business websites. If you own a business, you can start a website. Use the website to promote whatever services you provide. Then, start a blog to get more customers on the website. So, if you own a hair salon, start a blog about hair. Similarly, if you own a dry-cleaning business, start a blog about how to care for your clothes.

  1. Niche

Niche blogs are one of my favorites! A niche blog forces you to come up with lots of specific creative blog ideas. In fact, they are a topic all by themselves! You can read the how to start a niche blog post. Or, if you already have your creative blog ideas ready, you can learn  how to start a blog today.


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