The Art of Blogging Course

The Art of Blogging Course is designed to meet the needs of both the novice and the expert blogger. Therefore, each blogging course is categorized for entry, basic, intermediate, advanced, and expert bloggers. For a limited time, you can enroll in the entry blogging course for free! Start today!

    1. Entry

The entry blogging course is designed for a complete novice.

The entry blogging course teaches you how to start a blog. Therefore, this course teaches you how to determine your ultimate blog goal and methods of monetization. Then, you will learn how to choose your blog topics and categories. Next, it teaches you how to get a domain name, choose a platform, and launch a blog. This blogging course also includes a free quick-start blog guide.

how to create a blog

 2. Basic

The basic blogging course is also designed for a novice blogger.

The basic blogging course is designed to teach new bloggers how to write a blog. Therefore, you will be introduced to various on-page search engine optimization techniques. These basic concepts will be the difference between you getting index or not with a search engine.

how to write a blog

 3. Intermediate

The intermediate blogging course teaches you how to manage a blog. It is an introduction to researching, writing, marketing, and web analytics. These are the essential components for getting and keeping your blog online. Therefore, as you continue learning the things taught in this course you will have a successful blog.

How to Manage a Blog Course

 4. Advanced

The intermediate blogging course is designed for a blogger with some experience.

Enroll in the intermediate blogging course to learn how to market a blog. Marketing is essential to your blogging success. Therefore, this marketing course will introduce you to ways to increase traffic to your blog. You will be introduced to social media platform marketing, email marketing, link building, and some analytics improvement.

how to market a blog

 5. Expert

The advanced blogging course is for a semi-established blogger.

This expert blogging course teaches how to improve conversions. Therefore, this course is recommended for blogs that have been started for the purpose of monetization.  As a result, methods of monetization will be addressed. However, it is only as needed for the purpose of this course.

 6. Professional

The professional blogging course is a small business start-up guide designed for established bloggers.

The course teaches you how to create products to sell online. Therefore, it teaches you how to create digital products or how to start selling physical products. As a result, you will learn how to start an online store. Nevertheless, any blogger with basic blogging skills can enroll. Ideally, you should already know how to research, write, and market to your website or blog.